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December 12, 2017

Pantone’s Colour Report for Spring 2018

It’s time to check out the Pantone Fashion Colour Trend Report for Spring 2018!

This year, the talented team at the Pantone Colour Institute have created a colour palette that encourages self-expression with 12 call-out shades and 4 seasonal classics.

The colour on the catwalk is always a key indicator of the colour trends we can expect to see in many areas of design in the coming year – and therefore can provide great inspiration for how you approach your branding, design and marketing over the next season.

Pantone’s LFW Colour Trend Report for Spring 2018 features the top 12 colours for men’s and women’s fashion with the Spring 2018 palette showcasing the nuances of colour expression for the London market. While the unique shades for the London catwalk exude energy, sophistication and serenity, the 4 core classics provide a foundation to any wardrobe and can be built upon or amplified with contrasting hues for an energy-packed Spring 2018 season.

Designers and people who interact with colour and fashion don’t want to be limited by traditional colour guidelines. Freedom to experiment with colour brings us untypical spring shades and original combinations where gender and seasonal borders are broken down.

The colour story for Spring 2018 is the perfect reflection of the consumer’s desire to experiment with colour all year round without restrictions.

Let’s look at the Spring 2018 top 12 colour palette

Encouraging a sense of fun, with an air of complexity, the top 12 colour palette is ideal for some dramatic colour matching.

pantone colour report spring 2018

PANTONE 17-1563 – Cherry Tomato

Demanding attention, this courageous, never to be ignored shade of orangey red exudes heat and energy.

PANTONE 18-4043 – Palace Blue

A strong blue that you will find inspiring, impressive and sparkling with energy.

PANTONE 17-1514 – Ash Rose

A muted pink hue, sophisticated yet earthy, Ash Rose adds a new dimension to the palette.

PANTONE 14-0121 – Nile Green

A breath of fresh air, this breezy light green works well as a serene base for countless shades in the Spring 2018 palette.

pantone spring 2018

PANTONE 13-0646 – Meadowlark

Glistening with joy, this is a bold and lively, confident and outgoing bright yellow is illuminating in the Spring 2018 season.

PANTONE 15-1520 – Blooming Dahlia

This subtly alluring pink shade beckons us with its understated appeal.

PANTONE 18-3838 – Ultra Violet

This magical and complex purple shade conveys originality and ingenuity that fascinates and intrigues.

PANTONE 18-1325 – Spiced Apple

Brown with a red undertone, this warm, hearty shade adds flavour to the Spring 2018 palette.

pantone spring report

PANTONE 14-3207 – Pink Lavender

A soft and romantic violet rose that charms with its soothing sense of stillness.

PANTONE 12-2103 – Almost Mauve

Emitting a sense of nostalgia to the Spring 2018 palette, this delicate shade has a gentle petal like touch.

PANTONE 17-1929 – Rapture Rose

This romantic and affectionate rosy red brings a flirtatious charm to the Spring 2018 palette.

PANTONE 13-0550 – Lime Punch

The citrus shade is sharp and pungent punching a striking presence amongst the other colours in the palette.


The classic colours for Spring 2018

For many the classic colours are the mainstay of the wardrobe, the core to build a personal style.

Here are the 4 classic shades for the Spring 2018 palette.

pantone classic colour report

PANTONE 19-4034 – Sailor Blue

A navy blue to anchor the palette.

PANTONE 14-4202 – Harbor Mist

A mid-tone dove gray, that works so well with the more vibrant hues in the Spring 2018 palette.

PANTONE 15-1214 – Warm Sand

This comforting neutral shade effortlessly connects the seasons.

PANTONE 11-0608 – Coconut Milk

White /or off-white is a classic mainstay of any colour palette. This soft shade of perfect for the Spring 2018 season.


So there you have it… the ultimate colour guide for 2018. If you are planning to update your logo, website or other branding (like your custom printed bags) and want to be on trend, keep these 2018 colours in mind.

Images and colour information from Pantone’s website.