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February 9, 2015

3 Creative Printed Bag Design Ideas


The humble printed bag.

This often overlooked object is something that most people just see as a way of getting something from A to B – but printed bags can do so much more than that, and that’s what we want to share here at The Printed Bag Shop!

Many people underestimate the number of printed bags they see in a day, but perhaps that’s because companies don’t often think outside of the bag (see what we did there?) when it comes to the design they use on their printed merchandise. More than just a carrier of things, printed bags can actually bring a whole new lease of life to your marketing strategy if they’re used in the right way.

So, to give you all a little inspiration, here’s 3 fantastically creative ideas for printed bag design that we’ve found…

City Harvest:

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City Harvest is a non-profit organisation in New York that aims to rescue food for those that are hungry in the city and unable to provide for themselves. They have cleverly used transparency to create their ‘Empty Stomach’ bag, which visibly demonstrates the hunger experienced by people across New York every day, as well as encouraging shoppers to think about how much food they’re putting into their stomachs as they buy.


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Thinking about where your customers’ hand will go and using that to interact with the overall bag design is a great way of adding an element of surprise to your bags. This example from Greenpeace is extremely successful, in that it uses the appearance of the bag to give a sense of interaction as well as convey an importance message – that endangered animals need your hands to do something to help them survive.

GNC Burn 60

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This printed bag takes innovative design one step further, thinking about the different shapes of bag they could use to make a statement. Smartly using a drawstring bag to show the slimming effect of the product on a lady’s waist, Burn 60 have combined realistic imagery with the physical shape of the bag to help them stand out.

How can you get creative with your printed bag designs? We can help you come up with ideas and make them reality with our outstanding customer service – contact us on 0191 268 7555 or email today to find out how.

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