Ideas for your event
July 27, 2015

5 Ideas For Event Gimmicks That Will Make Your Business Memorable

Every business is looking for new ways to raise their brand profile and attract customers. With a limited budget, this can be particularly tough for small and medium-sized companies

But there is hope. With a little thought and creativity, there are several ways your business can turn heads and get noticed.


  1. Offer Prizes

Offering a prize can attract attention to your brand’s event. You could organise a product raffle in return for customer information, or you could increase the fun factor by creating a new game that’s relevant to your business and its values.

An old-school arcade game will attract young gamers and Gen-Xers, roulette will capture the imagination of older adults, while a team obstacle course will encourage family participation at a public event.

Make sure that the prize you offer is the best you can give your target customers. If you generate real excitement and buzz, people will remember your event for weeks to come.


  1. Organise Competitions

Another great idea is to organise a competition with an irresistible prize. Now that most people have access to modern technology, take advantage of this to build as much interest as you can.

For example, set up a video competition where people have to film a 30-second clip on their tablet or smartphone showing what they would do to own one of your premium products.

You can publicise the event through social media and share the videos online, as well as through traditional media sources.

After you’ve picked the best entries, you could ask your company’s followers or fans to vote online for the winner. If you’re lucky you could have a viral video that is seen by thousands of people.

The same idea could also work with photographs (for older customers) or memes (for teenagers), and could show where/ how customers love consuming your product, or what your services do to enhance their lives.


  1. Partner with a Charity

A great way to highlight your brand’s values and create links with the local community is to sponsor an event or partner with a charity. As well as doing good, this could be a great way of connecting with your target customers.

Organising public fundraising events can be a great way to build goodwill, and with some fun ideas they can attract all sorts of attention.

Encourage your staff to participate along with the public; to dress up, to try difficult or silly tasks and to promote their efforts on social media and through traditional media sources.

Charity events can really help to build a strong emotional attachment to your brand and will also encourage customer loyalty.


  1. Arrange Surprise Giveaways

An exciting way to draw attention to your products or services is to unexpectedly pop up where your customers will be and offer surprise giveaways.

Whether you are on a city street, a beach, or a university campus, your presence will automatically generate excitement and curiosity.

Consider dressing up, using actors, dancers, clowns and other appropriate props to get your business noticed.

When you give away free samples or taster sessions, customers take notice of your brand and are more likely to remember your company.

At the same time, offering incentives such as a prize draw will encourage people to give you valuable product feedback and additional marketing information.


  1. Invite Satisfied Customers To Share Their Experiences

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool today. Why not harness it by inviting your happiest customers to speak to others about their positive experiences?

As well as showing your company is credible and reliable, happy customers can describe how your product or service has changed their lives for the better.

As a customer themselves, they can empathise with new customers and help to dispel any worries or fears.

Face-to-face meetings help to create lasting positive memories of your company, which also boosts your brand.

At the same time, you can video the event, upload it to your website and share it on social media.

Your happy customers will be glad to help in exchange for discounts, free services or other incentives, so everyone benefits!


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