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November 12, 2020

Christmas Ecommerce Ideas: 5 Tips for Your Business This Christmas

With online shopping booming in the lead-up to Christmas, there is no better time to make yourself stand out from the crowd. All retailers are looking for Christmas ecommerce ideas, so ensure you plan ahead to promote your business better than the rest. Marketing can often be overlooked as non-essential, but promoting your brand is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the virtual Christmas crowds. And, let’s face it, after the year we’ve all had, making the most of the festive market is absolutely vital for business.

Grow Your Business With These Tips

  1. Make sure your website is mobile optimised

As of July 2020, 60% of Google searches are made from mobiles, which has almost doubled in the past 5 years. During the festive period, there will be a surge in customers browsing for gifts which is your chance to be seen. Even if your analytics show that the majority of purchases are made on desktops, many potential customers could be using mobile in the consideration stage. You could be experiencing early funnel drop offs as a result of this. Test whether your mobile site is easy to navigate and easy to use, ensuring the checkout process is simple as you don’t want customers to be put off at the last step.

  1. Design your festive branding

A Christmassy twist to your usual branding will show your visitors that you are ready for the festive season, make sure to highlight any Christmas gifts or ideas on the landing page. Think Christmas window display but online, out-of-the-box Christmas ecommerce ideas enhance the festive feelings and get your customers in the mood for Christmas shopping. With Christmas set to look totally different this year amid Coronavirus, don’t underestimate how much a simple colour scheme change can raise festive spirits and put people in a gifting mood.

  1. Create a subscription service

Consumer interest in subscriptions has increased greatly over the past few years, and even further during lockdown. If your product offering could be suited to the format, subscriptions are a great way to offer value and convenience to your customers while encouraging future sales of current underperformers. Your products don’t have to be ‘traditional’ subscription candidates for them to be successful. According to the 2020 GlobalWebIndex flagship report on the latest trends in commerce, 31% of millennials are interested in purchasing a coffee subscription in the near future; 24% of Gen Z would like a beauty or cosmetics one. Other booming subscriptions include houseplants (8% of all generations surveyed), alcohol (14%), clothes (16%) and pet products (17%).

  1. Make the most of key dates

There are many opportunities for reaching different people at varied stages through the season. The organised shoppers will tend to start their Christmas shopping at late October and the bargain hunters will be looking for great deals on Black Friday. Target the last minute Christmas shoppers throughout December, highlighting when the last day of delivery before Christmas is available, and push gift ideas for those struggling for inspiration.

  1. Keep your customers engaged

Interactive content is a wonderful way to get your customers involved. Whether it’s through social media polls or a daily advent calendar campaign, getting people involved is a fantastic way to increase customer retention. How about a 12 days of Christmas campaign, offering a new deal for each of these 12 days in the lead up to Christmas? The most important factor is to track key metrics such as engagement and click through rates to gauge what working, what isn’t, and how you can respond to your audience’s reactions to improve your offering.

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