2020 Calendar on Tablet
November 30, 2020

What We’ve Learned as a Business from 2020

This year has brought many unexpected surprises and obstacles for us all, with each and every one of us facing lifestyle changes of some kind. Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we have been reflecting on 2020 and discussing the key things we have taken away. From those adapting to working from their new home setup to small businesses resorting to digital, here are our key takeaways from 2020:

The Fast Forward for E-Commerce

With the Coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown, it meant that many stores and small business owners had to quickly come up with a digital strategy in order to keep trading. According to the GlobalWebIndex 2020 flagship report on the latest trends in commerce, the surge of online purchases is expected to remain significantly above pre-pandemic levels going forward. Nearly half of all internet users intending to continue shopping online more frequently even once the pandemic has passed.

On top of existing online shoppers, 31% of those who did not shop online before the pandemic agreed that they would continue to utilise online shopping, meaning it is more important than ever for businesses to keep up their online presence.

The Resounding Support for Small Businesses

The Coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on small business owners, with many sadly going out of business due to the financial strain. We noticed a positive proactive response from many of the nation, with families choosing to shop local to support their community during these tough times. It was more important than ever to listen to consumers; building up relationships with your customers to support each other through this period.

For example, during recent years there has been a huge rise in sustainable products, such as printed paper bags, with consumers realising the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. Across the UK, 46% of users want to see brands being eco-friendly so taking steps in the right direction will go a long way; not just for the planet, but for business too.

At The Printed Bag Shop, we have recently upgraded our processes to offer 100% sustainable products which are FSC approved and fully recyclable. Being able to offer branded printed bags or printed postal boxes that promote your branding whilst not being detrimental to the environment is a great initiative that is bound to be a hit with your customers.

Change Doesn’t Have to Be Negative

During the start of the year, change came quickly for most of us. Having to make leaps of faith in such unprecedented circumstances was daunting for many, not knowing whether change would lead to failure. New procedures had to be implemented across all industries, including social distancing, closures and digital processes which were new to most of us.

Adapting to the times and continuing to learn led us to where we are today and embracing the change has allowed businesses to keep trading whilst remaining safe. These changes wouldn’t have been possible without the support of both employees and customers, with people all across the country going above and beyond to adapt to the situation and keep business coming in.

Our main takeaway from the year is that adaptability is more vital than ever before. Staying up to date with the environment around you and finding new ways to connect with your customers allows your business to stay ahead of the competition and maintain your position in the market.