November 15, 2018

5 Ways To Speak To Your Customers Through Your Branding

It’s never been easier to communicate with your customers. Thanks to the advent of social media, you can instantly communicate with the majority of your customer base, whether through messaging or even advertisements. However, one element that still challenges small businesses is the way in which they can speak to their customer base through their branding. In this blog, we’re going to explain 5 ways that you can use your business’s brand to speak to your customers.

  1. Create Some Company Merchandise

Merchandise not only provides a great source of secondary income but also the opportunity of communicating your brand to your customers. Whether it’s in the form of printed bags, pens or something else entirely, a piece of merchandise with your logo and branding on helps your customers to remember you and most importantly your business.

Depending on the type of service or product your business offers, consider handing the merchandise out in-store, at meetings, at exhibitions or at networking events. This will give you an idea of the type of customers who are most likely to purchase your products or services when they go to the market and acts as another form of advertisement for your company.

2. Keep Customer’s In The Loop With Email Marketing

Staying in contact with your customers and letting them know of any developments, changes or improvements that are being made to your brand is a great way to build up relationships and keep up communication.  Maintaining a constant line of communication, with quarterly, monthly or even weekly email marketing newsletters, can help you to express your company’s brand in a variety of different mediums.

You can create blogs, infographics, guides and other marketing material, which customers can then read to understand more about your business’s mission and intentions for the future, thus gaining a further insight into your company’s brand.

3. Provide A Service That Matches Your Brand

The service you provide inadvertently affects the way prospective customers perceive your brand, therefore it is incredibly important to have exemplary customer service. According to an American Express survey completed last year, more than half of American’s scrapped a planned purchase because they associated the brand with poor customer service. In that same survey, it was revealed that the average American told an additional 15 peers about a business’s poor service versus the 11 they told when they had a good experience.

4. Find And Stick To Your Company’s Voice

By finding your company’s individual voice, you can communicate a variety of your business’s core messages, not least its branding. If you want to target young people, perhaps you’ll make your voice informal and offer communication through social media. If you want to target high flying executives, you’ll likely communicate in a more professional sense. After all, your business’s voice is a great tool for communicating your brand to customers, so take full advantage.

5. Use Customers As Ambassadors For Your Brand

Include customer testimonials in your branding to communicate the quality of product or service that your business offers. Who better to inform your prospective customers of your business, than your current ones?  With quotes from your customer base on your website, marketing material and ads it will help your business to appear trustworthy and reputable. According to Social Fresh, customer testimonials are the most effective type of content marketing.

We hope that this guide has been of help and that you utilise these five techniques of using your company’s brand to better communicate with your customer base.