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February 16, 2015

How to become a brand that customers can’t help but buy from!

When it comes to being a successful brand, it’s all about making people feel something. Whether it’s good or bad, love or hate, being a brand that no one is really bothered about is one of the worst things that can happen!

This dual effect of branding is often found in giant companies rather than small ones, and is an extremely interesting way of looking at why we buy from the people we do.

After all, why would you buy from a brand that you actively dislike?

The answer, for most of us, is because there’s an element of certainty with a huge brand like McDonalds or Starbucks that means we know exactly what we’re going to get from them, even if we don’t always like it, and that kind of comfort often outweighs any negativity one might have towards a Happy Meal or the inimitable Pumpkin Spice Latte that reveals itself every Christmas.

We will also continue to buy from brands that we’re not that keen on simply because the ‘pros’ of using that brand outweigh the ‘cons’. In other words, even though we might think the service Ryanair offer is mediocre, the seats aren’t great and the flights don’t include much luxury, we continue to fly with them because it’s cheaper than competitors, and we knew the level of service we were getting all along.

So how can you use this to increase customers, even if you’re a small business?

There are a few points to consider in order to make sure that your customers can’t help but buy from you, whatever you offer:

  • Make sure the customer expectations are clear – meaning, don’t pretend to be 5 star when you’re more like a 2 or 3. Of course, you need to promote yourself positively and ensure your service appeals to your audience, but not in a misleading way. Everyone wants to be able to afford the Ritz, but not everyone can. Make it clear what you’re delivering and for what price, and people will be more inclined to pay.
  • Provide the quality you say you will – whatever you do promise to customers, make sure that’s what they get, and make sure they get it consistently. That is how you provide the level of certainty needed to keep customers coming back for more, and that’s how you build trust with customers, whatever your product.
  • Don’t be all things to all people – the reason that businesses like Ryanair or McDonalds succeed is because they don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. They don’t provide affordable products or service as well as a luxury one. They pick their audience, pick their price range and go for it, and that’s what people like about buying from them – there’s no surprises.

How can you make your business into a brand that people can’t help but buy from? One way to tell your brand’s story, whatever it is, is by the printed bags you use. Whatever your logo and whatever you want to say to your customers, we can make it happen through the printed bags we provide.

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