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September 25, 2014

How your colour choice could affect your customers’ decision to buy


You may be visiting our website today to consider purchasing printed bags, but the design work that you decide to have printed, and the colours used within that, could be just as important for promoting your brand as the bag itself.

Understanding the psychology of colour is one of the most interesting but challenging aspects of marketing; because colours are so powerful at making us feel certain emotions, they can be a very useful tool for influencing someone and persuading them to become invested in your company, an objective that is at the very heart of marketing and advertising.

Though we know that harnessing the power of colour is important, it’s hard to pin down because of such a lack of data and evidence in the field; because emotions towards colours ae so subjective to each individual person, it’s difficult to predict how each potential customer would react to the colours you use in your branding.

Many have attempted to try and define how a colour makes someone feel; just check out the infographic on the ‘Colour Emotion Guide’ from The Logo Company below.

printed bags

We can see that there is a definite relation between the colours used in a brand’s logo and how we feel about them; when designing your logo, website or advertising campaign, think about the persona you want your company to embody. Is it corporate and professional, or aimed at the young and light hearted? Depending on which, you may need to use very different colours in order to communicate with your customers.

There’s no way of proving that one colour over another will encourage people to buy from you; it’s about creating a mood and a feeling that customers can engage with.

Once you’ve found a way to express your brand personality with colour, bespoke printed bags are a fantastic of spreading awareness of it to the general public. Products like our laminated paper bags, mailing bags or plastic bags are great choices for making a visual impact, by allowing you to print your design across 100% of the bag.

Struggling to settle on that perfect design? We have a team of experience designers to help bring your brand to life; whether it’s from a logo idea, existing business card or even a verbal description of what you’re imagining, we can work with you to put your ideas on paper, and transform them into quality printed bags for your customers.

Call us 0191 268 7555 to find out more, or email if you have an enquiry.

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