eco-friendly guide to printed bags
October 8, 2014

An Guide To Eco Friendly Printed Bags


The word “eco-friendly” has become a popular topic in recent years; it’s a change that everyone is trying to become a part of.

It’s important that individuals change the way they approach an eco-friendly lifestyle, but it’s also vital that a business is aware of the changes in environmental awareness that are happening across the commercial sector. Companies are the ones who will really make the impact on the our planet by making changes in the materials they us due to the vast amounts of packaging and promotional items they produce every day.

Luckily, we understand the importance of this issue, which is why we offer a vast range of printed bags that not only are impressive to look at, but are great for the environment.

Our aim is to guide you in your decision to becoming a greener business by including one of our eco-friendly range of bags in your marketing strategy.


Cotton Bags:

Our range of cotton bags are ethically sourced, manufactured and transported in bulk from India, minimising their transport related carbon footprint. They are also screenprinted with water-based inks in the UK, confirming their eco-friendly credentials.











Printed Canvas Bags:

These canvas bags are manufactured from 100% natural unbleached and undyed canvas, which gives them the perfect balance of eco-friendly credentials and tough, reusable practicality.











Printed Jute Bags:

These bags are 100% natural, unbleached and undyed. We ethically source, manufacture, and import them from India in huge quantities so that our carbon footprint is minimised, then we do all the printing here in the UK by hand using low impact water based inks.












Twisted Handle Paper Bags:

Popular amongst retailers, kraft paper bags are even starting to overtake standard plastic bags, and this is largely due to their eco-friendly credentials and low environmental footprint.













These are just 4 of the many eco-friendly bags we can offer. Contact us on 0191 268 7555 or email and we can provide you with all the information you need on how to take a green approach to your printed bags.


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