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December 15, 2015

What Emotion Does Your Bag Colour Portray?

Colour is a sensation that triggers an emotion in our bodies and affects our psychological attitude. Whether you realise it or not, the colour of your printed bags can make your customers feel optimistic, creative and even peaceful.

Simply by choosing one colour, over another, you can create the response you’re hoping for through your branded carrier bags.

Here at the Printed Bag Shop, we know our customers take pride in the way their bags are designed, and so they should. However more often than not, the colour of a printed bag is dictated by the brand’s dominant colour or simply the designer’s personal preference.

After researching into colour theory, we know how important it is to dig a little deeper and ask – what emotion do I want my printed bags to evoke in my customers? Or How will my customers feel when they see my printed carrier bags?

When we first began researching into the meaning behind colours, we were surprised at just how many angles you could consider when choosing the right colour for your carrier bags – cultural meanings, individual experiences and colour theory to name a few!

Amanda Vlahakis completed a study on colour analysis and during her research she found the meanings behind colours depended on an individual’s surroundings, cultural settings, as well as that individual’s role within society. For example, Amanda found that in Britain white is a color associated with love, marriage and purity. However, in China white symbolizes death. In Egypt, yellow is the colour of mourning, where as in Western countries yellow is a colour of joy and hope, and sometimes of hazard or danger – think of the signs you see in more industrial settings.

What Amanda’s research has taught us is it’s not as simple as choosing red, because you want your customers to feel passion or receive a sense of urgency, or choosing yellow, because you want them to feel happy and warm. It’s much deeper. It’s about really understanding the meanings behind colours, but equally understanding your customer and their relationship or experience of that colour.

For example, if you’re an online seller sending out a range of products regularly to South America, did you know culturally the colour green represents death? Or in India the colour purple represents sorrow?

So, to ensure your customers have the best experience when they receive or buy your products, we suggest you complete the following process whilst designing your printed bags…


  1. Think of your customer first

Now, we know this one is a given but it must be mentioned. Like all marketing, this is the key to getting your message, branding and products just right.

Understand your customers’ culture, their experiences in life, their hopes and dreams. Go deeper than their age, salary income and job title. Find out about what makes them who they are, what influences them? Where do they spend their time? Where do they live? Who do they live with? What kind of lifestyle do they lead?

When you understand this you will be able to create a clearer framework of how to communicate effectively with your customers.


  1. Define the emotions, feelings, response you want your customers to have from your printed bags

 Just as you take the time to map out what response you want from your social media strategy and content strategy, map out the response you want from your printed bags and packaging too. How do you want your customers to feel when they see someone carrying your printed bags down the high street? How do you want your customers to feel when they receive your branded packaging in the post? Write a list of questions down and answer them all.


  1. Begin your research

Now you have a clear understanding of your customers and a list of emotions and reactions you want from them. Ask yourself, what colours evoke these feelings? Are they subtle colours or bright colours? Maybe you could invite a group of your current customers to join an experimental exercise. Show them a series of colours and ask them – what does each one make them feel or think? Are they reminded of a good experience or a bad experience?

However you decide to complete your research, make sure you explore a range of colours and how the connotations of the colours match up with your desired response to your printed bags.


  1. Work with your brand to create a complimentary design

Once you have decided on a pallet of colours you want to work with, the next step is to work with your brand to create a strong design for your printed bags. This is where your designer will be able to share a range of mock ups for you.

It’s important your chosen colours compliment your branded colours. You may even create a couple of designs and gain feedback from your target audience.

This is something we can do for you at The Printed Bag Shop.


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