promotional carrier bag
August 2, 2021

Creating Promotional Carrier Bags That Stand Out

When it comes to getting your name out there, it’s time to think outside of the box. The market is more competitive than ever so make use of all possible avenues to create a strong brand image that reaches all of the right people.

Using carrier bag designs as an opportunity to promote your business is often overlooked, but there is endless potential from your custom printed bags. As your customers carry their new purchases around, your brand name is there for hundreds of passers-by to see, informing them that your store is located nearby. As well as this, many consumers nowadays keep their printed plastic bags at home so they can be reused for future purposes instead of having to purchase carrier bags and increase the amount of single use plastic that is disposed of daily.

Ideas for promotional carrier bags

To take your carrier bag designs further than the traditional logo and brand name approach, here are just a handful of more creative ideas that can be utilised by brands across all industries:

  • The wearable approach

With more people looking to reuse their bags, make yours their go to option. Instead of going down the heavily branded route, create a design that your target audience will love and wear with pride. Whether you incorporate eye-catching artworks, a humorous pun or an on-trend pattern, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and create stylish carrier bag designs they’ll love. This approach is particularly effective on printed cotton bags which are often used as a day to day shoulder bag.

  • The special offer approach

Let’s face it, we all love a great deal! With your carrier bags being a blank canvas, use the space to shout about your latest sale or special offer to let everyone know and encourage passers-by to pop in. Promotional carrier bags are normally designed using bold colours, attention grabbing patterns and minimal words so the focal point is the discount on offer.

  • The collectable approach

For established brands with a loyal customer base, releasing seasonal designs that customers can collect is a bit hit. If your promotional carrier bags are wearable and attractive to your target market, changing up your carrier bag designs on a semi-frequent basis can leave them coming back to grab the latest release. Whether you partner with different artists, produce a seasonal design or release various designs under one campaign, let your creativity run wild!

Bring your carrier bag designs to life

If you have thought of some new ideas for your promotional carrier bags, we’re here to make your vision a reality. With a range of eco-friendly plastic, fabric and paper bags to choose from, find the perfect carrier bags for your design and leave the printing to us. We will use the highest quality printing processes and ensure your promotional carrier bags arrive as and when you need them.