reusable bags
August 10, 2021

Reusable vs Recyclable Carrier Bags

Whether you are a business deciding on the best type of printed bags to offer your customers or are a shopper unsure on the best approach to pick, the reusable vs recyclable bag debate is ongoing. With advantages and disadvantages to both options, knowing which route to go down can be confusing.

Reusable vs recyclable: The contenders

As a nation, we are slowly starting to realise the damaging effects that single use plastic has on our environment and are making conscious changes to minimise our environmental impact. Switching to 100% recyclable printed plastic bags or printed paper bags is a big step forward for businesses, maintaining the characteristics and appearance of traditional carrier bags but being able to recycle the used bag afterwards.

On the other hand, we have reusable bags which tend to be designed using fabrics such as cotton and jute. Printed cotton bags tend to be much more durable than their plastic and paper counterparts, withstanding heavier contents and being able to be washed to keep them looking clean and new. Although fabric bags require more material and a more time-consuming manufacturing process, their long lasting nature makes them ideal for consumers who bring their own bags when out and about.

Why is reusing better than recycling?

When it comes to choosing the bag with the least environmental impact, it all comes down to how much usage you will get from it. In general, we tend to advise people to go down the reusable route but why is reusing better than recycling? With the added strength and long lasting properties, less resources are needed in the long run and therefore your carbon footprint reduces.

If you find yourself needing to buy a new carrier bag when out shopping and it’s time for the reusable vs recyclable debate, weigh up the likelihood of you using it going forward. Getting into the habit of keeping your reusable carrier bags in your handbag, car or pocket is a great way to have it handy so you can pop any new purchases in an existing bag rather than having to buy a new one.

The best approach for your business

If your staff are still unsure on the best approach for your business and are asking ‘why is reusing better than recycling?’, educating your team on the impact of single use carrier bags can help your business make a necessary change.

Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we have worked tirelessly to produce a wide range of custom bag options which are environmentally friendly. Whether you opt for paper, fabric or plastic bags for your store, take them to the next level with your bespoke design. By incorporating an attractive design with trendy patterns, fun slogans or stunning artwork, your customers will be more inclined to reuse their new bag when on the go.