hand holding plastic bags
August 20, 2021

6 Uses for Plastic Bags You’ve Never Thought Of

The impact of single use plastic is becoming widely known, with the negative effects that its long-life span can have on our landfill sites and wildlife. The introduction of the carrier bag tax as well as many businesses switching to printed paper bags or printed cotton bags are all great steps in the right direction, encouraging consumers and businesses to do their bit.

Even for those of us who prefer to reuse their printed plastic bags and bring along their bag for life to the supermarket, many of us still have a collection of old carrier bags lying around the house. There are plenty more uses for plastic bags than meet the eye, so get even more from your old carrier bags with these 6 uses for plastic bags that you may never have even considered.

  1. Line household bins

From your office desk bin to your bathroom bin, there is no need to keep buying small bin liners when you already have plenty of spare carrier bags around. Simply use them to line your bin and keep the space tidy, before tying the handles and disposing of the bag once full.

  1. Protect your deliveries

If you find yourself needing to send out a parcel, hold off on the bubble wrap or paper stuffing! Old carrier bags are a great way to protect deliveries, easily stuffing around the contents to create a layer of protection from any damage.

  1. Unleash your creativity

If you’ve got an artistic flair, the uses for plastic bags can go far beyond those that meet the eye. We have seen some incredible examples of old carrier bags being used to create plant pots, rugs and children’s crafts.

  1. Keep your holiday laundry separate

When you’re off on your travels, it can be a nightmare to keep your suitcase neat and tidy. We’ve all been there; digging for the clean clothes and causing everything to be creased from all of the rummaging about! Keep a carrier bag handy for all of your worn clothes, making laundry when you get back nice and easy.

  1. Collect rubbish from the car

Be honest – is your car home to any old parking tickets, shopping receipts or food wrappers from your journeys? For most of us, the answer is yes, so keep your car more organised with easy one of the most popular uses for plastic bags. By keeping a bag or two handy in the glove box or footwell, you can keep any rubbish in one place.

  1. Hold dirty shoes

Whether you’ve just got back in the car from a muddy dog walk or you’re packing a holiday suitcase, there are plenty of uses for plastic bags when it comes to dirty footwear. Keep an old carrier bag handy so you can easily keep shoes away from your clothes or interiors, minimising the amount of cleaning left for you to worry about.