coloured tissue paper options
August 30, 2021

Is Tissue Paper Recyclable and Reusable?

Tissue paper is a popular choice on both a personal level and a commercial scale, taking packaging to the next level. Whether it is used to carefully wrap delicate customer orders for a high-end appearance or scrunched into printed bags to hide the contents when putting together gifts, the demand for printed tissue paper is forever growing. Although the practical and aesthetic uses of printed tissue paper make it a must have for many of us, more and more people are now asking ‘is tissue paper recyclable?’. Now more than ever, the need to make more eco-friendly decisions is paramount, reducing the amount of single use packaging that makes its way to landfills and harms our wildlife.

Is Tissue Paper Recyclable?

Traditionally, the nature of tissue paper means it is manufactured using shortened fibres which are not able to be recycled again. With so many consumers asking ‘is tissue paper recyclable?’ in an aim to make more sustainable decisions, manufacturers have developed their offerings to create more eco-friendly alternatives. Here at The Printed Bag Shop for example, we have developed a 100% recyclable tissue paper which can be printed in your design for full creative freedom that doesn’t compromise on sustainability.

Reusing Tissue Paper

The characteristics of tissue paper means that they don’t need to be considered a onetime use product. So much tissue paper is disposed of after receiving but it can easily be stored to reuse, extending its life cycle to minimise the amount of waste. Simply fold up any spare tissue paper and keep it stored for a later date, here are just a handful of ideas:

  • When it comes to wrapping gifts for birthdays and Christmas, having plenty of tissue paper on hand is always handy. Whether you choose to carefully wrap the contents or scrunch up the tissue paper to hide the contents of the gift or printed mailing bags, some colourful tissue paper completes gifts nicely.
  • Especially if you have children around, tissue paper is an absolute staple for arts and crafts! Whether you get your hands messy with a bit of paper mache, cut it up into colourful ribbons or try your luck at a bit of collaging, the bright colours and flexibility of the thin material make it a huge hit for little ones.
  • If you have got a creative side, we have seen plenty of innovative uses for old tissue paper, repurposing it completely to create a stunning addition to the home. From party decorations to ornamental focal points, browse the web for some inspiration for your next project.

Now that you have a better understanding when asked ‘is tissue paper recyclable?’ and may be more inclined to keep a little collection of any spare tissue paper, the opportunities are endless. Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we print custom tissue paper which is fully recyclable and can be printed in your choice of colour and design. Do not hesitate to get in touch to learn more!