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July 25, 2019

Different Types Of Branded Content For Marketing


Everything your audience sees or reads from your business is saying something about your brand’s reputation. In fact, studies show that 45% of a brand image is established by what the brand says and how they say it. Although you might immediately think of online content when it comes to speaking to customers, printed content and marketing is just as important, especially for SMEs (as noted in our recent post comparing our favourite marketing campaigns).

There are so many factors that contribute to establishing a brand image, including cohesive, stylish design and a recognisable tone of voice. The content your business produces is the most direct way to engage with both current and potential future customers. This means that branded content for marketing should have an established tone of voice that speaks to your brand identity, and should be adapted for different platforms. In this blog, The Printed Bag Shop can help your business get the most out of the content you might not have considered before:

Branded Content For Email Marketing


Email marketing is the most direct contact you can have with your customers without seeing them face to face. Email content campaigns are so effective because you can target an audience that have already engaged with your business right there in their inbox, and with the right style of writing, you can keep their interest and even convert them into buyers.

An email to your customers is just like any other message they receive in their inbox and so you should sound like a real person. This means you shouldn’t over-spam and overwhelm your potential customers. Avoid using all capitals in your subject line and don’t make it all about your sales – tell your customers something they don’t know! Be provoking, provide value; send out alerts for newsletters and informative blog posts or newsletters instead of another offer. As the most direct form of communication, email marketing should be focused on capturing interest. If it suits your business, be chatty and be exciting! Your audience will only care about your business if you do, too! Treat your email marketing campaigns as relationship building with your customers. This will encourage customer loyalty and strengthen your business.

Slogans and Catchphrases


A snappy and efficient slogan can be effective but there are other things to consider. A slogan that is too short can be vague and ineffective. For example, car manufactures often have bland slogans and depend on their brand image, for example, Lexus’ tagline is “Pursuing perfection” and Citroen boasts “Creative technology”. Neither of these stand out and whilst they might do the job for such big, recognisable companies, a small business looking to establish a solid customer base should look to write something more meaningful.

When designing a slogan, make sure to pick your words carefully and ensure they represent the business. Emotive language will also make a slogan or catchphrase more memorable because it is relatable. Adage’s study looks into how businesses ‘owned’ words after creating such powerful  catchphrases. The study recommends that a slogan 9 – 12 words long works best to successfully capture an audience.

To promote your catchphrase or slogan, you need to make sure it is visible. A slogan is often more memorable than a business name, as Adage points out, and should be capitalised on; splash it across your printed paper bags, your website, your shop front if you have one, and anywhere else you have your branding. The printed cotton bag (above) from Defected Records plays on the genre ‘House’ music and the relatable home and tells their target audience they promote equality! Super simple, but it’s a really effective slogan with a positive brand image!

Graphic designers will also be able to make sure a slogan is visually impressive and suitable for your brand, too. At The Printed Bag Shop, our team of experts can liaise with you to achieve the perfect slogan design for printed bags to grab the attention of new and existing customers!

Don’t Forget, Product Content Has Marketing Value


Aussie Shampoo Bottles

(Photo credit: Aussie Hair)

The information on your products should always be informative. It should help your customers and tell them how to use the product or get the most out of it. As a business, product information is still language you can control and you need to ensure it meets your planned market strategy. Take this opportunity to craft and promote your brand image. For example, Aussie Shampoo bottles say things like “Take unruly hair by the reins and show it who’s boss! For smooth and smelly (in a good way) hair…!” The language is informative as it tells potential customers who the product is suitable for, but it is still chatty, like talking to a friend. This promotes the “Aussie Cool” brand image that continues to be so successful. In fact, so many people don’t know that Aussie is made by a huge American company because they appear so authentic and relatable – it’s amazing what putting personality into your brand can achieve!

Get in touch with the team at The Printed Bag Shop to capitalise on untapped content opportunities such as printed paper bags and other branded content for marketing your business!