IKEA London Bus Poster
June 7, 2019

Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns Of 2019 So Far


Adverts are so powerful, but when we started to think about our favourite marketing campaigns of 2019, we couldn’t think of a new, memorable and thought-provoking TV advert, but we could think of several we had seen in print. Of course, some of these were multi-platform campaigns, targeting social media, TV, print and good old-fashioned poster ads. Read on to find our favourites:

Lloyds Bank


Lloyds has a long-standing history of creating memorable adverts. There was the dramatic, galloping black horse and then the more engaging, relatable animated adverts that introduced promotions that are more than just about brand awareness. Their latest marketing campaign, brought out early 2019, is a multi-platform assault that encourages conversations around money. The campaign is called ‘M Word’ and utilises imagery that clearly demonstrates different relationships and emotive language to engage the consumer.

Lloyds contrast the subject of money with other awkward topics to encourage the reader to discuss the most important topics with their loved ones. Simple but so effective.



The Swedish Furniture giant has its pros and cons; its biggest pro is innovative furniture designs at low prices. However, another great thing about IKEA is their dedication to sustainability. They endeavour to use recycled materials and ban all straws and single-use plastics by 2020.

IKEA opened a new London store and have focused their marketing campaign around sustainability.

IKEA already have a very well recognised branding and house style. At The Printed Bag Shop, we know this is an extremely useful and effective way to build your brand awareness and is why we work with you to create printed paper bags or any printed packaging that will suit your brand now and in the future. IKEA are futureproofing in more ways than one as their latest campaign is solely posters at bus stops. Rather than advertise products, the posters inform readers how to get to their new store on foot or on public transport, encouraging traffic and sustainability! The effective campaign also highlights the quality, eco-conscious brand image that IKEA wants to perpetuate!

National Geographic


National Geographic Ad

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National Geographic commissioned a famous street artist to create this jarring, unavoidable ad in London Square. We think the ad art is effective because it plays on the domestic, loveable cat, personalised with the use of a name, and then contrasted with drastic facts. The campaign has been making commuters stop and has gone viral online.

A successful and thought-provoking print ad campaign, merchandise or branding can stimulate a conversation and create change. Effective print marketing for your brand can also encourage an online discussion without you trying and propel your brand awareness!



Post Mates Billboards

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Postmates is an American version of Deliveroo or Uber Eats. Their new campaign went live on billboards across New York and other cities in the US, primarily in subways. The campaign uses bold colours and simple text; it’s called the ‘We Get It’ campaign. Postmates have created incredibly relatable content, often including pop culture references and humourous puns. The posters just bring a smile to our faces and are effectively memorable, but they do remind us of that Spotify billboard campaign a couple of years ago.

We have definitely determined that print is not dead. Print, poster and billboard campaigns that are impactful and thoughtful are more effective than the average TV ads that once ruled the market. These more traditional mediums of propelling a marketing campaign are effective because we cannot help but consume them, whilst TV audiences are dwindling. One of the best advantages to print and poster marketing is that it is cheaper and is running 24 hours a day, making it an overall more valuable and cost effective medium. Our favourite thing is that it means that our favourite SMEs and indie business can get a slice of the action, too!

So, what have we learnt from our favourite campaigns of 2019? There’s a trend for simplicity and bold colours, text that directly engages with the consumer is taking the lead, too. Marketing campaigns that are emphasising sustainability and conservation are also thriving. Research shows that this creates a positive brand image as well as powerful marketing. You might want to consider these factors or use some of our examples on crafting your new marketing campaign. For example, choosing to make you merchandise or printed bags eco-conscious would fit well into an updated 2019 marketing campaign.

Create a cohesive and recognisable design that runs across all platforms, social media, printed bags, email marketing, mailing bags, billboards etc.

Do you have a favourite marketing strategy that has inspired you to update your branding, but you need help with the execution? Get in touch with The Printed Bag Shop! Our design team will be happy to work with any of your ideas and produce the next big marketing trend!