Why Consistency Is Important In Your Branding
February 12, 2019

Why Consistency Is Important In Your Branding

When you design your brand and marketing campaign, you need to consider several factors; from your theme to your chosen logo, every aspect can create a different impact for your customer, so it is important that you take time to create your brand with care. One factor that is incredibly vital is consistency. Here, we are going to tell you exactly why and where this should be implemented.

Consistency Builds Trust, Authority And Awareness

So, why is consistency so important? Well, if your visual branding across your logo, typography and photos remains consistent, building both awareness and recognition for your business is simple. Your target audience will have a visual reference to remember your brand every time that they see it; when someone sees the logo of your brand, they’ll know exactly what your business’s name is and ideally, what your company does.

In turn, this will build trust with your target audience. By remaining consistent, you can create a sense of professionalism throughout your website, printed bags, shop and packaging. Trust is everything when it comes to creating a loyal customer base. Once people are familiar with your brand, you will find it easier to build authority.

How To Implement Consistency Throughout Your Different Campaigns:

Printed Bags And Packaging

The printed bags that you use in your store are a great way to advertise your brand without paying premium prices for the privilege. For this reason, it is of paramount importance that there is brand consistency throughout.

Similarly, your packaging also needs to be consistent and relate to the theme of your site, company design and any other packaging across the company. This is the best way to appear specialised, as consumers may be more likely to trust your brand if there is a consistent, recognisable theme.

In order to maintain this constant theme, you need to use the same colour throughout all your branding, such as your website, your logo, your email signatures, the print on your bags and packaging. By using the same colour, you demonstrate to your customers and competitors that you have an identity, at the same time as showcasing your brand’s personality.

How do you keep the same colour consistency across all the mediums and materials? This can be difficult, however, there are some rules that you can follow in order to make it easier, including:

  • Choose colours that will work well across all mediums; website, packaging etc
  • Create a Brand Identity Document to show your web designers
  • Be aware of your colour mixes; RGB, CMYK, Pantone and Hexadecimal


Social Media

No matter which social platform you choose, you must ensure that you have a reliable theme throughout and that you post regularly to show that you are active and willing to communicate with your customer base, which in turn will build a relationship with your customers. Maintaining a strong presence on social channels through posting consistently and not sporadically is a great way to stay in front of your competitors. On Instagram, the most organised accounts will have similar colour themes and posts that maintain a theme or message. This not only helps to promote branding but also offers the opportunity to put across an aesthetic, reputation and message you truly believe in.

What’s more, consistency throughout your social marketing campaign portrays your brands’ characteristics and doesn’t show conflicting personalities. For example, if your brand is light-hearted then it is important to maintain this throughout the entire campaign to not confuse your clients and users as to who you are as a business.


So, how is consistency important in website design? Maintaining the same layout, theme and personality on your website is incredibly important, as it shows the overall outlook on your brand and site, but how do you make your website design consistent? If you create a checklist of everything you want to include on your site before you make it, you are less likely to forget an important element. On your checklist you should include:

  • The same colours throughout your site
  • Consistency in the horizontal and vertical spacing between elements
  • Text inputs, submit buttons etc need to be the same
  • Links need to be the same text and colour
  • Your tone of voice should be consistent, and always feel like ‘you’ as a brand
  • Website headings need to be the same throughout

Of course, when you create your checklist, you can add other elements that you want to contain on your site that suit your brand. Ultimately, your site creates a key point of identity, so you want to create a good first impression for new users, as well as those that are returning.

Hopefully, this has given you an insight into why consistency is important in branding and will help you to implement it into your marketing campaign. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly and expert team at The Printed Bag Shop, today.