January 8, 2019

The Power Of Packaging: Why Printed Is The Way Forward

When done properly, your packaging can provide your brand with a huge boost to both sales and to customers. With effective design that truly reflects your brand, you can strengthen your presence and build trust with consumers and printed bags could be the way forward for your business. Why, you ask? We’re digging deeper, below.

First Impressions Count

Although you’ve probably been told all of your life to not judge a book by its cover, when it comes to packaging, first impressions always count. Whether a customer is buying a gift for a loved one or they are treating themselves, if their attention is caught by the packaging, then they are more likely to look into the product. If the packaging doesn’t grab their attention immediately then they are probably not going to give it a chance – even if the item is what they are looking for.

Therefore, it is vital that you do your market research to establish what is eye-catching and engaging specifically for your target audience. This is especially important as 70% of consumers form an impression of a brand based on the packaging alone.

Online Purchases Are Important

With there being a recent exponential increase in shoppers purchasing products online, printed mailing bags need to also be designed with a lot of thought. It’s important to maintain your branding and theme across each packaging item, yet make your mailing bags exciting and engaging for your excited customer to truly enhance the delivery process.

Personalise the bags for your consumer and increase your brand’s visibility. Add hashtags for an interactive aspect to your brand, which in turn can help to generate more likes, shares and follows on different social media platforms. If your company isn’t a physical store and is only ecommerce, your only way of interacting or showing off who your business is through your custom packaging, so make the most of the opportunity.

Holiday Themes And Limited Edition Packaging

When you first create the packaging for your brand, it is important that you make the design memorable and easy to creatively change throughout different holiday periods. Take Nutella for example – it has a very renowned theme and printed packaging that your brain instantly knows that the product is Nutella regardless of the season they are advertising for.

Over the Christmas period, Nutella added snowmen and other typical festive characters onto their packaging, which enticed a number of customers to buy jars full of the chocolate spread. This is because the printed packaging incorporated Christmas, in addition to appearing as a limited edition design. Customers love a unique design that you can only grab once a year because then they feel as if they have a bespoke product.

Printed Packaging Draws In Customers

Well thought-out printed packaging is vital, as it has the power to draw customers in. The dessert company GÜ, for example, doesn’t have much on their packaging in terms of design or information. However, because their design is consistent and attractive, their products fly off the shelves to both new and existing customers.

The colour theme is maintained and they have a small amount of text and only a couple of images on their packaging. They don’t overcrowd the packaging and leave a lot of space which creates a sophisticated and elegant look. So, think about the layout of your packaging and how much content etc you are going to include. Through the style, design, layout, text and images on your packaging you can portray your brand’s personality, so consider what you want your customer to take away upon viewing your brand’s packaging.

Go Over The Top

When you send a parcel to a customer, go over the top and add printed packaging tape for packages that need extra support and printed tissue paper for products that need extra protection or are a gift for a loved one. Once again, this is another way to add a personalised touch top your products for your customers and while it may seem excessive, when done correctly it can actually become a sophisticated addition to your presentation.

As you can see, printed packaging is undeniably important for your brand for portraying who you are as a business and to become memorable for your customers. For more information regarding printed packaging and the power it has, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team, today.