Using Your Branding To Create A Positive Message
February 20, 2019

Using Your Branding To Create A Positive Message

When building up a business, you want to ensure that you create a positive message with your branding. This is ideal for not only securing an audience but also promoting a better relationship with each customer. So, how do you use your branding in such a way? We’re taking a closer look, below.

How Do You Get Started?

To begin with, you need to determine what message you want to promote. Ensure that it is memorable and that thought is put into every word used. A positive message can be used in the style of a slogan; famous brands such as Nike, Subway and Adidas use 3 or fewer words in their message but despite its short nature, it typically provides a wider message regardless. In addition, it also ensures that the message is catchy and memorable, helping it spread further, faster.

So, how do you get started in such a manner? Well, you’ll need to use three different angles to look at your brand; customer, internal and competitive.

  • Customer

You need to think about what your typical customer cares about and precisely aim your message at your audience. Get inside their mind and create something that they can relate to, so they know and truly believe that your brand has their beliefs and needs at the forefront of their mind.

  • Internal

You’ll also need to think about your brand from the inside, out. What do you want for your brand? What do you want your audience to think of your brand? Consider where you want it to be in the next few years and build up a brand message around this.

  • Competitive

You need to ensure that your brand message is unique compared to your competitors, so you can easily be identified amongst them. Remember how powerful your message is, so you can make sure that it stands out from the crowd and remains memorable.

Why Do You Need A Positive Message?

A positive message is more important than a logo – the message will connect with your audience, whilst the logo simply attracts attention, unless you can find a unique and seamless way to integrate the two. Consider the response that you want from your audience, whether that is ‘click-through’, ‘enroll’ or ‘ask for information’. When you know which response you want, it is important that you create a brand message that leads your audience to that response.

When It Comes To Branding, Utilise What You’ve Got

So, how do you promote your brand’s positive message? The trick is to utilise what you’ve got in your branding campaigns, whether that’s printed bags, your social channels or your website. If you incorporate your message into the design of the bags in your shop or the packaging used for deliveries, you can expand your audience by reaching more and more people.

In addition to printed bags, you can use your website to showcase your message by putting it on each page or by incorporating it into the content on your site. You can even take it another step further and integrate your positive message into your social media campaign – create social posts about it, make it into a trending hashtag and even put it in your bio.

When it comes to using your branding to create a positive message, take the opportunity to think outside the box and make a positive change in the world. So, how can you do this?

  • Ethical Practices

You can make a difference through your branding by utilising and forming awareness of ethical practices. If we use animal testing as an example, you can design a print for your bags that will create an emotional impact on your customers and ensure that your products and packaging are cruelty-free. By bringing awareness to the forefront of your branding, you’ll not only capture the hearts and minds of those already believing in the cause, but you’ll make a difference with existing customers too.

  • Inclusivity

Showcase that you are inclusive to your customers and potential clients with the help of your branding. Internally you can show inclusivity through the diverse employees that you employ, but outside of your store, you’ll need to be a little more creative. Make sure the people, messaging and language you use in all your outwards communications, including advertising, is as inclusive as possible, and customers will be so much more likely to see you in a positive light!

  • Give Back To The Community

Gaining and developing corporate social responsibility will demonstrate to your customers that you are willing to give back to the community. There are several ways that you can, including:

  • Sponsoring a local charity and running an event in aid of them
  • Sponsoring young entrepreneurs in your local area
  • Invite ambitious young people to join your workforce for a week as experience
  • Encourage your team to volunteer in the local community

By incorporating your brand into the local community, you are portraying your business in a positive way and any inspirational message that you have can be implemented.

  • Help The Environment

By using more environmentally friendly materials, such as unlaminated paper bags as opposed to plastic, you can show your customers that you are helping the environment and trying to make