Minimalist Beauty Brand
June 10, 2019

Font Trends For Your Brand


Fonts go in and out of style as quickly as colours – in fact, they are very similar to fashion in that they often come back around in cycles. For example, extreme italics or calligraphy style lettering had a renaissance in early 2000s but aren’t considered a stylish choice right now. At The Printed Bag Shop, we can help you pick a font that will stylishly and accurately suit your brand image and help keep you bang on trend!


Minimalist typography is commonly appearing as simple sans serif letterings, which basically means that there is no little kicks at the bottom of letters. This font’s simplicity is crisp without being too overwhelming for the consumer. For an extra modern impact, some fonts now forgo capitilastion or utilise a strikethrough for the ultimate eye-catching rebellion.

Are you an arts brand or bookseller? If you want your products to make an impact and speak for themselves but still recognise the value of an effective and engaging marketing campaign, this might be the style for you. Use simple but effective texts for printed paper bags or any branded products to highlight your contemporary business. This might be a good option if you are looking to update your brand and attract a younger or more modern cliental.  We can also see a lot of cosmetics and beauty brands utilising this font, too. Combined with soothing or natural colours, this font achieves a very clean and tranquil aesthetic, perfect for skin care or similar products.

Hand Drawn

This style of font can be designed to be almost anything, but the dominant feature is that it appears genuine and hand drawn or designed. This can have such a fantastic impact on your branding as it can create associations that enhance your overall image and what customers come to associate with your business. Look at the lettering on the new #Merky Books imprint for Penguin Random House.


Merky Books Font Logo


The font obviously imitates graffiti which emphasises the urban initiative that launched the imprint. The brand also promotes diversity and alternative art which makes graffiti styled lettering very suitable. It’s a unique approach for a publishing imprint but the lettering perpetuates the brand’s ethos and image!

You can have so much fun with the style and colour of these fonts and incorporate your brand colours. These fonts can be as messy or as classic as you like! This style of font can suit so many different businesses. Boldly mark your food packages with unique hand lettering, or, we think the handwritten style can effectively promote natural, locally sourced products and authentic, scrumptious foods!

Go Retro!

If you are designing printed canvas bags, printed cotton bags, or other products that you would love to see your customers sporting and re-using as a fashion accessory, you might want to take inspiration from other clothing designs. Slogan tees have been huge in fashion for about two years now. Not only are they a fantastic wardrobe staple that can be worn over and over but these kinds of items have clear lettering and font trends that can influence your printed bag design, too.

The best-selling tees feature either the minimalist text we’ve already spoken about or, in complete contrast, retro lettering! Many items feature bubbly serifs (the feet on the each letter) and a bold, groovy style that is very reminiscent of the 1970s.

Groovy Retro Fonts

Now you know the trends you can pick a modern style that suits your business. For more help with designing your printed bags, get in touch with a member of the team here at The Printed Bag Shop! We love to get creative and combine our experience with creating something new!