sustainable boxes
January 31, 2022

Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas to Adopt in 2022

As we enter the new year, businesses all over take a step back to reflect on their past year and set a plan for the one ahead. Now more than ever, making more sustainable business decisions is paramount, doing your bit to minimise your carbon footprint while encouraging your customers to do the same. Switching to more eco-friendly packaging ideas and adopting new processes doesn’t have to require large scale changes; we’ve pulled together some low cost ideas which businesses of all sizes can implement on a budget.

Moving to recyclable carrier bags

Although the implementation of the carrier bag tax has encouraged many shoppers to bring their own reusable bag along to shopping trips, the amount of single use plastic carrier bags used is still having a drastic impact on our environment and wildlife. Simply switch out your plastic bags for 100% recyclable printed plastic bags or printed paper bags, maintaining your brand image with high quality printed designs yet minimising your environmental impact with one of the easiest eco-friendly packaging ideas out there.

Protect your packages sustainably

Especially for more delicate product ranges, keeping your customer orders well cushioned during the transit process is a necessity. Although essential, traditional box fillers such as bubble wrap and packaging peanuts have a particularly big impact on the environment, being used once before taking thousands of years to decompose. Reusing your waste materials to protect your packages is one of our favourite eco-friendly packaging ideas, not only being a sustainable one, but saving you money along the way. We recommend investing into an industrial shredder which can be used to break down any old cardboard boxes you have left around, giving them a new lease of life and offering a great level of protection within packages.

Encourage the use of refill packs

Although not suited to all businesses and industries, the popularity of refill packs is growing at a rapid rate. Being ideal for products such as toiletries, dry foods and cleaning products, offering refill packs which can be used to top up old bottles or containers can make a huge difference when it comes to packaging waste. These eco-friendly packaging ideas are just as popular among consumers as well as businesses as they tend to result in a cheaper price, allowing you to stock up on your favourite products without the packaging costs.

Refresh your mailing bags

For businesses who send out customer orders, it could be time to look into the printed mailing bags you have been using. The traditional materials used for mailing bags tends to not be a sustainable one, having a particularly big impact due to the single use nature of the packaging. Nowadays, it is easier to get your hands on 100% recyclable mailing bags which can still be printed on, allowing you to continue promoting your brand and making first impressions a great one.