Image of Eco-friendly paper bags
January 26, 2022

Types of Eco-Friendly Bags for Businesses to Consider

Making environmentally friendly business decisions doesn’t have to require large scale changes or costly expenses that you simply don’t have; start by making small and easy switches that can make a big difference. For physical stores, carrier bags can play a huge part in not only your sustainability as a brand, but can contribute towards people’s first impression of your business. If you’re looking into eco-friendly bags for businesses, the decision can be a tricky one when you’ve got to factor in appearance, strength, cost, sustainability and printing capabilities, but we’ve pulled together a quick guide so you can pick out the solution that ticks all of the right boxes.

Paper bags

Being an all time favourite for shops of all kinds, printed paper bags combine practicality with aesthetics. Customers love the sleek appearance of paper bags, often being associated with more premium brands, as well as knowing that they can be easily recycled once finished with to give them a new lease of life. For the brand itself, the low cost and compact design makes them a number one choice when it comes to eco-friendly bags for businesses, also highlighting their commitment to the environment to build up a positive reputation in the local area.

Plastic bags

Although plastic bags are perceived negatively due to their impact on our environment and wildlife, sometimes they simple cannot be avoided. For brands who sell heavier goods such as products in bottles and jars, a more durable solution is needed to withstand the weight and avoid customer’s goods falling through the bottom on the journey home! Fully recyclable printed plastic bags are another form of eco-friendly bags for businesses to choose from, being made using recyclable materials so the bag can be given another lease of life instead of making its way to landfill sites.

Cotton bags

For those who love to reuse their bags every time they head to the shop, printed cotton bags are the perfect solution. With a timeless design, the option to print your own design on it, a handy shoulder strap for carrying and durable properties which can withstand heavier weights than other types of eco-friendly bags for businesses, you will struggle to beat cotton bags from a practicality point of view. However, with a higher cost per unit and more energy being required during the manufacturing process, businesses tend to avoid using them as an alternative to carrier bags. Instead, selling them as a reusable bag or offering them as gifts with large orders can work as a great promotional tool.

If you are looking to make a change for the better with eco-friendly bags for businesses, The Printed Bag Shop are on hand to help you find sustainable solutions which don’t compromise on your branding, offering advanced printing capabilities to help you stand out from the crowd. For more information or to get some professional recommendations for your eco-friendly bags for businesses, do not hesitate to reach out.