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June 12, 2021

Getting the Most from Custom Poly Bags for Clothing

When your customers receive their long awaited clothes order, the custom mailing bags they are sent in will form their first impression. Deciding on the best custom poly bags for clothing and how much detail to include in your design can be tricky, not knowing where to draw the line. We delve into both the aesthetics and functionality of the options available, helping you find the perfect eco-friendly mailing bags for clothes that portray your brand image in the best possible light.

Designing the Ultimate Custom Poly Bags for Clothing

Poly mailers are a popular choice for many sellers due to their low price and lightweight characteristics which take up minimal storage space. Although this packaging solution is an easy option for businesses, choosing high quality mailing bags will prevent tearing during transit to avoid orders being damaged. As well as the practicality, a professional appearance is a reflection of your business so make sure your custom poly bags for clothing look the part.

  • Catch the eye with bright colours
    Using your signature brand colours within your design is not only a great way to create attractive packaging, but is a powerful tool for increasing brand recognition through familiarity.
  • Unmistakable branding
    By including your logo, brand name and slogan onto your eco-friendly mailing bags for clothes, it cannot be clearer who the package is coming from. As well as generating excitement for your customers, no confusion can be caused during the delivery stage.
  • An additional promotional tool
    The amount of people coming into contact with your orders is vast during the transit stage so make the most of the opportunity to reach a new audience! Include any key promotional messaging to catch the eye of potential customers and increase your brand reputation.

Eco-Friendly Mailing Bags for Clothes

Now more than ever, the small switches count. With each and every order you dispatch being sent out in poly bags, making the easy transition to eco-friendly mailing bags for clothes will have a positive impact on your environmental footprint as a brand. Their single use nature means that your customer will be disposing of any packaging once they have safely received their order by tossing the bag into the bin. By sending out orders in eco-friendly mailing bags for clothes, not only can the packaging be sustainably disposed of into recycling facilities, but you are showing your ethical side as a business.

Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we create custom poly bags for clothing which are designed to meet the needs of each individual brand. With high quality mailing bags and various printing styles available, design packaging that your customers will love! Get in touch today to request a sample or discuss your design goals so we can provide you with a free quote and get started.