printed carrier bags
June 20, 2015

How Printed Bags can Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

Highly cost effective and versatile, printed bags present your brand to the world. They are an essential piece of kit for any business owner, marketing executive or events professional.

Part of what makes printed bags so great is that they can improve your customers’ experience in many clever ways. They create positive feelings towards your brand by using colour, texture and design creatively.

Every time they see it, your customer is reminded who gave them their bag and the positive experiences they’ve already had with your business. This is essential to building brand loyalty.

Printed bags also help your long-term customer relationships because people usually keep their bags and use them again. If your bags look attractive, other people will notice them, and this will introduce your brand to new customers.

Not only will your printed bags remind customers of their previous positive experiences, but according to the ASI* people who receive a promotional bag are also 40% more likely to do business with you in future.

All of this goodwill means your business will grow more quickly. With the right printed bag, you’ll have more ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from happy customers.

That’s why it’s so important to find the right company to supply your printed bags. Let our lovely staff help you choose from our range of bags to make a positive impact every time.

Here are some suggestions:


Printed Laminated Bags

Printed laminated bags are the bag of choice for luxury products and services. They are elegant and strong, so your customers can use them over and over again.

These printed bags give you complete freedom to adapt every aspect of their design, whether you want full colour or high quality photographic images, images inside and outside the bag, or a choice of handle options.

All our printed laminated bags are made to measure. With advanced techniques such as foil blocking, spot UV and embossing, your customers will love the look and feel of your unique laminated bags.

All of these features add to your customer’s experience by creating a desirable, attractive object that conveys a sense of your superior brand.


Printed Punched Handle Bags

Punched handle plastic bags are stylish and comfortable to carry. They are lightweight and convenient and can be designed with bright, vivid colours and logos to really make a bold impression.

Because they’re reinforced at the top to handle heavier weights, punched handle bags are longer lasting. This in itself will help to reinforce your company’s reliable, positive attributes.

Punched handle bags come in a range of colours, as well as 12 handy size options. With a smooth, glossy exterior and smart design, your customers can enjoy re-using these contemporary bags and spreading the word about your business at the same time.

Another great aspect of these bags is that that they have a small environmental footprint. Made from bio polyethylene, they will degrade after exposure to sunlight. Perfect if your company’s values include sustainability and ecological responsibility!


Printed Mailing Bags

There is no better way to reinforce your customer’s positive experience than by receiving a bespoke mailing bag containing your product. This makes your customer feel special, and reminds them all over again why they enjoy doing business with your company.

Our eye-catching mailing bags use high quality colours and printing techniques to create an exciting and personalised mail experience for your customers. Lightweight and durable, they can recreate the sense of receiving an unexpected, highly desirable gift.

With hot melt seal glue to guarantee content security, and the option of printing inside the bag, our mailing bags offer creative companies the opportunity to use their imagination to tantalise or surprise their customers.

All of our bags are environmentally friendly, with 100% recyclable or 100% fully degradable material. With seven sizes available, your packages can come in any shape you can think of!


To speak to one of our lovely team about printed bags and which is best for you, contact us on or 0191 268 7555.


*’Recipients’ Views on Advertiser,’ Advertising Specialty Institute, 2014