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June 15, 2015

3 Top Sources of Design Inspiration

Every company’s branding should make a clear statement about its values, its products and its target market. The right approach will make your business instantly recognisable, attractive and trustworthy.

Top quality design is essential to communicate your brand’s message – a compelling and desirable brand should have the perfect combination of colours, images and typeface.

To help you make the most of your marketing budget, we have turned to some of the world’s most recognisable brands for design inspiration. Let’s explore the best of branding to discover some clever ways to capture your customers’ imagination.


The World’s No. 1 Brand


Forbes magazine recently declared Apple the world’s most valuable brand. But what can we learn from an image of a silver apple on a black background?

The silver of the apple tells us Apple makes attractive products. Their logo is textured, metallic and shiny, automatically calling to mind precious metal and money, both desirable, valuable objects.

At the same time the apple is playful, reminding us of childhood, or of something simple and enjoyable. Someone has already taken a bite out of it, showing that these products are in demand.

The contrast between silver and black is a statement of good design: elegant simplicity. It tells us how important design is for their products, about how the company sees itself, and about the kind of customers they want to attract.

So what have we learned from all this? Apple’s brand is simple, bold and instantly recognisable. It relies on two colours, which are easy to reproduce, and adaptable to different types of merchandising.

If Apple were choosing one of our printed bags, they would pick black printed laminated bags. The silver apple logo would be printed with foil blocking or spot UV to enhance the luxury brand look.


The UK’s No. 1 Brand



According to independent research company Superbrands, British Airways is currently the UK’s best-loved brand. Popular with consumers and business clients, it has a premium brand image that reflects its British heritage and excellent reputation for customer experience. So what’s the secret of its success?

The BA logo is at the heart of its brand. Red and blue on a white, spacious background reminds us of the colours of the Union Jack flag. The elegant capitals of the company title suggest a simple, unstuffy approach to customer service. The colours used are bright and positive, suggesting the excitement and adventure of travel.

The ribbon, placed at the top right above the name, gives customers the impression of speed. It also resembles the front of a plane; clearly showing the company is an airline.

If BA were ordering from one of our range of printed bags, they would pick printed duffel bags in white with their trademark logo. Light and versatile, these duffel bags would be perfect to carry last minute duty free purchases, or as a day bag for exploring new destinations.

Both Apple and British Airways can teach us the importance of simple and elegant design; this tells your customers your brand offers a high quality product or luxury service. Now let’s look at a British favourite…


A British Favourite


One of the most recognisable UK brands, the National Trust was founded in 1895. Its mission is to protect, restore and keep open important countryside and historic buildings for the British public.

Its symbol, the oak branch with leaves and acorns, reminds us of national pride, history and the importance of the British countryside. This reflects the values of the National Trust’s founders.

Printed in bright green on a plain white background, the colours remind us of open spaces, growing things, life and the environment. The acorns on the branch suggest the potential countryside of the future, and link it to the countryside of the past.

The words ‘National Trust’ are in a warm, open typeface, inspired by a historical inscription. The font represents the Trust’s values: continuity with the past, the best of old traditions, trustworthiness and being open to everyone.

The National Trust relies on its brand to attract visitors, new members and volunteers. The simplicity of their brand aims to make them as open and approachable as possible, while making their central mission clear.

If they were choosing a printed bag from our selection, they would pick our eco-friendly printed canvas bags. Manufactured from 100% unbleached and undyed canvas, this bag perfectly combines durability and good looks with excellent green credentials.


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