Gift Bag
July 15, 2021

How to Close a Gift Bag like a Professional

Unwrapping a gift is part of the fun so deliver printed gift bags that are presented beautifully. Whether you are creating event goodie bags, corporate employee gifts or just looking how to close gift bags for a family birthday gift, we are here to teach you how to close a gift bag that will look just like those you see at high end boutiques! There is no need to worry about spending ages creating a ‘rustic’ looking tissue paper finish, carefully curling ribbons or buying additional decorations; create sleek and stylish gift bags that ooze luxury with ease.

How to close gift bags to hide the contents

If you don’t want any nosey recipients having a snoop through the bag before they are allowed to open it up, here is a simple trick that you will wish you had found out about years ago. Grab the end of the ribbon or rope handle from the inside of the bag and carefully thread it through the holes on the opposite side of the bag. Although this can be fiddly, you’ll quickly get the hang of it and be able to repeat on the other side. This method will create a neat and tidy seal across the top of the bag, perfect for carrying around and building up the suspense!

If you are producing gift bags in bulk and want to know how to close a gift bag in a much speedier way, there are various ways that you can get this done without compromising on aesthetics. Printing some branded stickers which can be folded over the centre of the bag opening are a great tamperproof way to create a professional appearance and keep the contents contained. Alternatively, a simple piece of ribbon can be tied to the handles in a tidy bow which is a popular choice for boutiques and high-end brands.

Finding the perfect gift bags to use

With presentation being such a huge part of gifts and goodie bags, knowing how to close gift bags can help you create that all important first impression. Now that you know how to close a gift bag, it’s time to decide if your gift bags themselves could be improved. Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we offer a wide range of custom printed bags to suit all occasions, complete with your unique design.

Laminated paper bags are a popular choice for events and high-end businesses due to their luxurious appearance and glossy finish. Your bags can be created in your choice of size, colour, design and finish so you can reach those that matter with your eye-catching artwork and next level branding. If you would rather deliver gifts in more environmentally friendly bags that can be reused over and over again, printed cotton bags are more durable and can even be washed. With full flexibility on the appearance of your bag design, offering thoughtful gift bags has never been so easy.