How to brand your printed bags
May 13, 2014

The Importance of Brand Awareness

Creating a strong and effective brand is one of the best ways to promote a business. If you provide a high level of service and a good product to your customers your brand will become synonymous with these traits, creating a conscious and subconscious bond between business and customer.

If you think of strong global brands such as Coca-Cola, Virgin, Tesco, their branding has stayed the same after a long period of time in business. The consumer associates the brand with positive values so there is no need for the company logo to change, in fact this works well for companies looking to diversify their products as the positive reinforcement of the old brand is carried forward onto the new product, for example:

“There is no point in creating a marketing strategy if your target audience is not exposed to it.”

  • Virgin have used the same logo since 1978 when it started as a record store, it has since diversified into markets including radio production, mobile phones, wines and air travel. Despite many failed business ventures the brand still holds power to promote any new endeavours.
  •  Tesco supermarkets have created a multi-layered brand by producing different quality levels of goods, they have a value range, a mid-range, and an expensive upmarket range. This allows their brand to appeal to a wide customer demographic, and also to diversify into other business fields where a broad customer base is required such as banking.
  • Coca-Cola has such a strong brand identity it managed to change the recognised colour of Father Christmas’ suit from green to red through a highly successful advertising campaign.

There are many different ways to create a brand, a catchy name, some inspiring artwork, an annoying jingle, however the key is exposure. There is no point in creating a marketing strategy if your target audience is not exposed to it.

The Printed Bag Shop aims to provide our clients with maximum visual exposure for their brand through high quality promotional merchandise. We can produce high quality carrier bags printed with your company or organisation’s logo and information. This form of advertising is ideal for retail units as your company brand is made visible to other shoppers after your customer has left the store. The bags can also be used at trade shows to promote a new product or service, again once your client has left your stand they will be walking around an area with a high volume of potential customers so the more visible your brand, the better the profit potential you have for your goods and services.

If you would like a quote or you would like to know more about carrier bags printed with your company branding please get in touch and one of our dedicated sales team will answer any queries you have.

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