Hashtags on printed packaging
May 13, 2014

It’s as important using hashtags (#) offline, as it is online

As suppliers of printed bags and packaging, we want to ensure that we not only offer good quality products, but we add that extra value too. It’s the same with you and your packaging, adding that extra value for your customers will give them a great brand experience.

As a retailer, your printed bags and packaging are a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy, believe it or not. Yes, it’s important that customers are handed a good quality carrier bag, however, going back to ‘adding that extra value’, your printed bags can be an opportunity for you to engage further with your customers. Adding a hashtag to your packaging, which fits in with your overall digital marketing strategy, might just be the way.

There’s a growing culture online of users who are sharing, tweeting and posting images, comments and even vlogs (video blogs) of products, services and yes, even plastic bags and packaging.

Marketing manager at a North East agency says, ‘there’s a fast growing digital generation who love to engage and interact via social media! This generation can’t be ignored, they are not only sharing their own personal thoughts about brands, they’re engaging and interacting too! It’s vital that people in the retail sector understand the power of this and embrace it, rather than run away from it.

‘We speak to many retailers who worry about the negative exposure they may receive via social media. However, they are too quick to judge and miss the most exciting part of social media for a brand – the engagement and the powerful promotion of products directly through their customers.’

Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we want to encourage our customers to make the most of their printed bags and packaging. So, before you submit your usual order, why not speak to your marketing team and see how your packaging and printed carrier bags can integrate with your digital marketing strategy.

Adding a Hashtag (#) to your packaging gives customers a great brand experience, it allows them to engage further and find out more. It’s also a brilliant way for retailers to build up their online presence and ultimately raise more awareness of products/services.

Successful campaigns where packaging has been integrated with a digital marketing strategy, include the likes of Yorkshire Tea (#TeaOnTheTrain), The Body Shop (#SelfieEsteem), French Connection (#DoItYourselfie) and Virgin Active (#HappilyEverActive).

Over the next couple of months we’re exploring into ways in which printed bags can help carry your brand further. To keep up to date with our latest findings search for #CarrierBrands on Twitter or read our latest blogs.

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