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July 23, 2018

9 ways to make your printed carrier bags stand out


If your business offers printed carrier bags to customers, then you could be sitting on a marketing goldmine. You are literally marketing your products or services wherever the customer takes your printed carrier bags – and all for the small cost of that bag! The question is – are you making the most of this opportunity?

Matching your business with the ideal bag means you get value for money, and a printed bag that promotes your branding and makes a lasting impression on your customer.


Here are 9 ways to make your printed carrier bags stand out from the crowd


The right bag size – with so many bag types and sizes to choose from, it’s important to get the right size bag for your business. You don’t want to be squeezing a pair of shoes into small carrier bags that could well tear before the customer gets home. There’s no marketing value for you here as the bag goes in the bin and sends out the wrong message about your company.

The shape of the bag – while your bag has to be the size and shape for your products, it’s worth experimenting with a shape that’s not the same old rectangular style of most bags. A bag shape that’s a little out of the ordinary can make as much of an impact as the design it sports.

The type of bag – with paper, plastic and fabric printed carrier bags to choose from it’s important to opt for the right type of bag for your business. If you are in high-end luxury retail like fashion, jewellery or cosmetics, laminated paper bags are the ultimate luxury packaging. For high street retail, trade shows, gift shops etc, plastic or paper printed carrier bags will suit your business and spread your message, whereas delis, health and wellbeing, hardware or grocery stores will find canvas and jute bags strong and reliable for their products, and likely to be reused over and over by customers.

The strength of the bag – this is equally as important as the type, shape and size. Like the shoe example, if you package them into lightweight paper bags they might not make it home. Alternatively you don’t want to be paying out for large printed carrier bags if everything you sell is small, like fashion accessories or nuts and bolts. Laminated paper bags are strong, and well able to carry heavy coats and jackets, boots and shoes.

Cotton tote bags are strong and versatile when it comes to re-use by your customers. You wouldn’t go far wrong if you’re a fashion boutique investing in printed cotton tote bags with a stylish design and your company branding. They will give you daily advertising as your customers use them for everything from carrying school bags, to gym kit, to beach wear… who knows where you bags will end up!

Eco-friendly bags – we are all aware of the importance of protecting the environment and as such strive to do our bit. Choosing one of The Printed Bag Shop’s eco-friendly printed carrier bags will show your commitment to protecting the world for future generations, and help them to feel they are doing their bit too.

We offer paper bags produced using FSC certified paper, meaning that it comes from well-managed forests which are part of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). They promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests. Kraft paper has long and strong new fibres, making these paper bags more reusable due to their greater strength.

If you need plastic printed carrier bags, choosing a ‘bag-for-life’ made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) has a good reusable life. Long after purchase these bags can be seen carrying groceries, school books, toys, gym gear, gardening products and much more, spreading the word about your business.

Our fabric bags are all ethically sourced and shipped in bulk to help reduce our carbon footprint. This means if you choose one of our fabric bags, you too will be helping the environment. And, as we have said, their strength, versatility and the fact that they are considered ‘on trend’ means customers will continue to use your bag for numerous activities.


If you want customers to re-use your printed carrier bags again and again – it’s all in the detail


Design and branding – without an eye-catching design your printed carrier bag marketing campaign could be dead in the water. Our designers know all the best tricks when it comes to designing the perfect artwork for your branded bag so it’s worth talking to them. You need a design that will appeal to the customer (after all you want them to use the bag long after they leave your store), while still being true to your brand to ensure you are easily recognisable wherever your bags end up.

Print options – will depend on the type of bag you choose. The main thing here, whether you have a full colour printed image or photograph, or a minimalistic approach with a couple of spot colours, is that you have colour consistency to ensure that your branding looks the same on your printed carrier bags as it does on your website, shop front or business cards. This is what resonates with the customer and gets you noticed.

Handles on bags – can be the difference between a regular old carrier bag and something a little special. There are lots of handle choices; for plastic bags you can have punched, flexi-loop, patch handles or vest type. In paper there are twist handle and flat handle, and for laminated paper bags there is a huge amount choice; handles can be long or short, ribbon, rope, punched, with metal eyelets, ribbon slot, ribbon ties and more! Back to our shoes example – you could even have a bag with handles that look like shoelaces. These are all options that can be the difference to your bag being cool and reused or dull and discarded.

Customised lamination – will finish off your luxury paper laminated bag with finesse. You can choose from gloss or matt lamination finish depending on the style you are aiming for. Spot UV Varnish will highlight a specific part of the design, giving both a visual and textured extra little detail to your bag. Or you could opt for hot foil blocking to leave a permanent sparkle to your luxury bag.


However you design your bag, remember that the more effort you put into making it stand out, the more marketing impact it will offer you and your business!