printed bags for event
April 20, 2016

How to use printed bags to stand out at your next event

Off to an event, exhibition or trade show this summer with your business? Worried about having invested in the stand and not making the most of it?

Wondering how to stand out from the vast number of other companies, all vying for the attention of everyone that passes by?

We have a couple of ideas that might just help! And, yep, you’ve guessed it – they involve printed bags! What can we say, we just love ’em….

So, just how can you use the humble, everyday printed bag to help your business make an impact at your next event? We’re glad you asked!

1. Size matters!

It may sound too obvious, or too simple, but it really is effective! As mentioned in an article from Inc. magazine on standing out at trade shows, “Everyone at a trade show gives stuff away, and each presenter usually has their own bags to put their swag in.

“The biggest bag usually wins, becoming the receptacle for all the other bags’ contents.”

Wouldn’t you want your brand on the biggest bag at the show, being carried (and seen) by the most people?

Of course, we don’t mean whack your logo on a bin bag and be done with it – there are limits! But requesting your bags in the next size up, ideally big enough to fit all the A4 size bags that a lot of companies will be giving away inside, gives you a better chance of your bag being used throughout the day, and more people gaining awareness of your brand.

2. A goodie bag that really is good

We’ve all experienced it – you get handed a bag of freebies at an event or exhibition, and you practically make an audible groan as you pull out the same branded leaflet, pen and mug that you received at the last 12 stands, only with a different logo on. Sigh.

Cheesy, overdone freebies are more infuriating to consumers than exciting – they won’t want to carry them around, and they certainly won’t help your brand make a lasting positive impact on them for the future.

Instead, think about how you can make your goodie bag truly beneficial for your customers, or even get them involved. One idea we read about recently, which we loved, was to start interacting with those attending the event in advance via social media, and start asking them about what kind of swag they’d love to receive through polls and interactive posts. Takes a lot more effort, but you’ll be creating a sense of excitement about your brand and you’ll know that you’re giving people something that they might actually want. Win win!

Another approach to goodie bags that might be something for you to think about is their exclusivity. We feel mildly offended about those same old branded pens and mugs because we know that just about everyone else has received them, valued customer or not, that no real thought has gone into them, and because branded pens are ten a penny.

Instead of going for something cheap, cheerful, and available to all, how about going for a more expensive, but exclusive goodie bag?

Think that little bit harder, spend that little bit more and make the items in your goodie bag truly valuable and relevant to your specific customers – then start promoting in person at the event, or through social media, that there’s only 10, 50, 100 (whatever number you like) being given out on a first come first served basis, or for the first 100 people at the event to sign up to your newsletter. Not only does this give the consumer a sense of urgency, but it builds the impression that what it is in the bag is more valuable, and, because it is more valuable, leaves them with some great items from your brand that they won’t forget or throw away in a hurry.

3. Customise to the max

There’s so many options to really customise your branded bags, that you have lots of opportunity to make them that little bit more special than everyone else’s. Just a couple of ideas are adding foil to your design – nice and shiny, this will catch people’s eyes and looks so great against a dark background. You could also try embossing, which literally makes your brand name or logo stand out from the bag, and provides a sense of luxury – and, using super bright colours on our really versatile bags will also work to draw people in.

Basically, if your budget allows, go all out on your branded material. If people see that you’ve made something extra special to give to them, they’ll not only use it throughout the event itself, but they’ll want to reuse it afterwards too, giving you more brand awareness, and leaving them with a much more positive feeling towards you.

There you have it! Just three ideas on how to use printed bags to really rock your customers’ world at your next event. Bags are so versatile and practical, that there’s lots of ways to use them to your advantage. Best of luck at the event!

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