brown kraft paper bag
April 28, 2016

What makes printed kraft bags so popular?


It’s no secret that we love printed kraft bags – in fact, they’re our special offer for May 2016!

The introduction of the plastic bag charge has seen printed paper bags have a huge rise in popularity, and kraft bags are no exception – their strength and versatility makes them an absolute hit, and a TPBS bestseller!


What is kraft paper?


The word ‘kraft’ actually comes from the German term for strong – and that’s one of the best parts about using kraft paper. It’s super durable, more so than normal paper, and can be suitable for so many different kinds of businesses.

Kraft is a paper product, and it’s made using a process that involves chemical pulping using sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide. Wood pulp is pulverized and blended into large sheets of strong brown wood filament, and the addition of sulfate in the conditioning of the wood pulp helps to increase the overall tensile strength of the finished paper.

Natural kraft paper is brown, giving a real authentic feel, but it is possible to bleach the paper to get a range of shades from natural brown to pure white.


What types of kraft paper are there?


Although the traditional brown version is probably what you think of when you hear ‘kraft paper’, there are lots of different varieties of this super strong stuff that work for different uses and businesses.

  •  Virgin Natural Kraft Paper – this stuff is a major heavyweight in the world of paper and packaging. It’s fiber content mean it really is very durable and strong, as well as low cost. If you need a material you can rely on to stay strong, and with a high level of tear resistance, this type of kraft is a great choice. It also works for printing, branded packaging and protective layering too!


  • Natural Recycled Kraft Paper – Though not as strong or tear resistant as the virgin natural kraft paper, the natural recycled is a more environmentally friendly option, perfect for those looking for a material with a lower carbon footprint.


  • Black Kraft Paper – this kind of kraft is primarily used as the dark durable backing in photo frames


  • Coloured Kraft Paper – available in every kind of colour you can imagine, coloured kraft paper is usually a hit for crafty projects like scrapbooking, creating displays, and is a best seller to schools.


  • White or Bleached Kraft Paper – similar to the virgin kraft paper in terms of strength and durability, kraft can be bleached white to make a cleaner, more modern aesthetic impact – and it’s super popular for wrapping and packaging.


  • Printed Kraft Paper – something that we know a little about, kraft paper can be printed with bespoke branding and used for wrapping, packaging, displays and, well, anything you like really! Because kraft works so well when printed on, it makes it really versatile and ideal for all kinds of businesses.


Are any kraft products available at The Printed Bag Shop?


We’re so glad you asked! Great news, one of our best selling products is our twisted handle paper bags, which are made from kraft paper – and come with all the benefits of kraft material too!

Increasingly becoming a high street staple, twisted handle paper bags are not just great quality, but so versatile too. They’re strong, resuable and recyclable, and come with a low carbon footprint. And, whatever your industry or brand, our twisted handle bags can work for you, because they can be printed with anything through from one spot colour through to full CMYK, photographic imagery.

Find out more about our twisted handle kraft paper bags here.

To talk to our lovely TPBS sales team about your printed bag needs, get in touch! You can email, or give us a call on 0191 268 7555 today to ask us for a quote.