Eco Friendly Business
December 20, 2021

Making Your Business More Eco-Friendly As You Step Into The New Year

As we step into 2022, it’s the time of year that we see businesses across all industries evaluating their strategy for the year ahead, looking to grow their business from all aspects. In today’s day and age, adopting more eco-friendly business ideas to minimise your carbon footprint can go a long way, making small changes that contribute towards the bigger picture. As well as making your business more eco-friendly from an environmental perspective, showing your sustainable side can really help attract the more conscious consumers, growing your audience base as you adapt to a more ethical way of operating.

Making your business more eco-friendly doesn’t have to require large scale changes and big budgets; to help you do your bit with ease, we’ve pulled together some simple eco-friendly business ideas which you can make this year.

Reduce single use plastic

The impact of single use packaging is becoming more apparent than ever, causing havoc in our landfill sites and harming our wildlife. Now more than ever, switching single use plastic materials for more sustainable alternatives is an essential, minimising your waste as a business and giving old materials a new lease of life. For example, switching from traditional plastic carrier bags to printed paper bags which are fully recyclable or custom tote bags which customers can reuse time after time will mean you can maintain convenience without the environmental impact.

Minimise energy usage

Often making your business more eco-friendly needs to start where you cant see it, analysing the contributors to your carbon footprint. There are simple ways you can minimise your energy usage without having to make huge changes, not only being better for the environment, but saving your business money in the long run. Look into using LED lighting, installing timers or sensors to eradicate unnecessary usage and research more modern appliances which will lower ongoing energy costs.

Get your staff on board

Although making smaller changes is a great step in the right direction, your eco-friendly business ideas will not get far without the support of your team. Educate your employees on the changes that are being made to do your bit as an organisation and train them on any new processes which they may need to know about. By encouraging your staff to get involved and also do their bit, everyone is contributing to the bigger picture and playing their part.

Look out for partnerships

Making your business more eco-friendly doesn’t have to all fall on your shoulders. Utilise the sources around you, finding local businesses who you can work with to create a mutually beneficial agreement that benefits both parties. For example, look for local suppliers who can source your materials or pair with another organisation to join forces and hold a fundraising campaign in the local community, supporting each other on your quest to find eco-friendly business ideas.