campaign promotion techniques
November 30, 2021

Run Your Best Campaign Yet With These Promotion Techniques

Whether you’re approaching your big annual festive sale or are running an end of line promotion, get the word out there with these powerful promotion techniques that are bound to turn heads. No matter the size of your business or the products you sell, we all love grabbing a great deal so make the most of your big sale and watch as the shelves get cleared. As well as clearing your stock, effective campaigns are great for customer retention and engagement, attracting new customers and keeping returning customers interested.

Spread the word

Marketing is a vital part of a big campaign, spreading the news of the great deals to be had and creating a talking point. Make the most of your existing platforms by creating some eye-catching graphics and enticing consumers to get involved. To generate some excitement, get the word out by printing new custom bags or updating your window display, giving a sneak preview of what is to come. To create some statement printed paper bags for your upcoming sale, get in touch with us to achieve maximum potential.

Add a sense of urgency

One of the most effective promotion techniques out there is flash sales, creating a sudden buzz and surge of excitement. Whether it’s online or in store, a flash sale encourages shoppers to make a purchase almost instantly to avoid missing out before the sale is over. Some brands prefer to create a build up to the flash sale before releasing the select few products which are on sale, whereas others prefer to keep quiet and unexpectedly release a site wide offer for a limited time only. For extra impact, add a live timer to your website to highlight the urgency and avoid any potential confusion that may be caused.

Create some value

We all love feeling valued, being made to feel like we’re appreciated as a customer. Make your customers feel like they are getting a personalised deal, whether that be through an effective email marketing campaign or an exclusive discount for social media followers. By utilising this promotion technique, your customers will feel like they are getting a special offer and look to make the most of it. Most commonly, this type of campaign is executed through online discount codes which can be applied at the checkout for a reduction.

Offer freebies

Let’s be honest, we’re all a sucker for a freebie! Whether you offer free miniature samples, clothing accessories or a complete lucky dip, additional extras are a powerful promotion technique that generate a lot of interest. This style of campaign can also bring additional value in the long run, being a form of promotion for your wider product range as customers try out some of your other items. Many businesses only offer freebies on orders over a certain value, encouraging customers to make bigger purchases in order to quality for the extra treat, also minimising the expense of the campaign idea.