Branded merchandise ideas
November 30, 2021

Branded Merchandise Ideas That People Will Actually Use

With businesses across all industries doing what they can to stand out and cement their brand image, consumers are getting overwhelmed with the number of promotional materials coming their way. Whether you are attending a trade show, handing out goodie bags in the local town centre or creating competition prizes, thinking outside of the box to find untraditional branded merchandise ideas which can help you get noticed among the rest.

Let’s be honest, we all love a freebie! Although it can be an initial excitement being given some goodies, providing consumers with boring items that they won’t get any use of will lose the impact, being a costly way to blend in with the many others doing the same thing. It’s time to scrap the pens, notepads and badges to try out more exciting branded merchandise ideas.

Travel mugs

Being a versatile option that can work across many industries, branded travel mugs are a desirable concept to consumers thanks to their practicality. Whether they carry them in their bag for use at the office, the gym or on the go, a travel mug can be used every day for maximum brand exposure. If you are gifting to a wide audience that consists of many ages and interests, this is one of the most universal branded merchandise ideas to try out.

Laptop sleeve

Perfect for a more corporate audience, a branded laptop or tablet sleeve offers a practical addition to working life. A laptop sleeve is one of those things we have found that people do not tend to buy themselves, sticking to the boring one that arrived with the laptop or risking carrying it around unprotected. A new and improved sleeve is something that other companies are unlikely to hand out, so make your stamp with a stylish and branded design.

Power banks

Again, the practical route of power banks makes them another big hit in the world of branded merchandise ideas. With almost everyone carrying their phone with them wherever they go, a portable charger is a handy and valuable addition to everybody’s day bag. Being compact and simplistic to look at, the simple addition of a brand logo can go a long way to make an impact as your recipients are on the move.

Branded bags

Everyone needs a simple bag in their life, being a low cost item that can offer endless usage. The reusable properties of printed fabric bags mean they can be stored and used for daily activities such as grocery shopping, carrying text books or as a work bag. The design capabilities of printed bags are also vast, offering businesses a great opportunity to show off their style and design a stylish bag that their audience will wear with pride. Depending on the nature of your branded merchandise ideas, a simple tote bag can also be used to house any promotional materials or further freebies you may be offering.