New Year, New Brand: Is It Time To Make Changes?
December 20, 2018

New Year, New Brand: Is It Time To Make Changes?

A rebrand is a business move that always requires a lot of time and consideration to get right. From the excitement of choosing your new brand identity to implementing all of the planned changes across your company, it can provide a refreshing change within your business and the New Year is the perfect time to undergo this transition.

The term ‘new year, new me’ has been thrown around as of late, but for business, a chance to rebrand could provide something new and exciting for your target audience and draw in a wider consumer base if done properly. So, let’s take a closer look at whether the New Year is the perfect time for your business to undergo a re-brand.

Why Is It Beneficial For Your Business?

Whether your brand simply has a worn or outdated look, or perhaps the branding no longer coincides with your company ethos – whatever the case, these are all valid and good reasons for your brand to undergo a well-deserved change. Through a rebrand, your business can bring in a fresh start or a boost to their business, and can even allow you to change up and improve how your business operates.

You could implement a completely new design, simply refine your brand identity or even completely change the company name – regardless of how big of a rebrand you want to conduct, it could provide you with a fresh start and the opportunity to position yourself in, navigate and capture new audiences and markets that you may have previously missed.

How Can This Be Achieved?

When you come to the decision in terms of what you want from your rebrand, it’s time to start putting things into place. You’ll need to determine a realistic timescale that suits your brand’s needs – if the rebrand could take a long time and you don’t have an existing site currently in full operation, this can have a profound effect on your brand and its visibility throughout the process. For this reason, a rebrand should be completed as quickly as possible, but with enough time to achieve the desired results within that time frame.

However, if you are already a well-established brand, there may be issues when rebranding – you could be undoing all the hard work that you have already done. This also has a knock on effect on your existing audience, particularly those who follow the brand closely. If this is to change without warning, this can have an effect on the number of people that are loyal to the brand.

However, by involving the audience in the process and making them aware of the sudden rebrand in advance of its implementation, you can help to keep your loyal fan base and still see outstanding results.

So, How Do You Raise Awareness?

If you do experience a drop in traffic or business when the rebrand is completed, or you simply want to give your brand the best chance, you could consider making and improving existing merchandise to help spread the word.

One of the most efficient ways for you to do this is to utilise the effectiveness of printed bags, whether plastic carrier bags, paper bags or even mailing bags for brands online.

Although this may seem like an expensive process, this is a simple yet effective way of getting your brand out there. This is done through the use of subliminal marketing, which is the practice of showing your logo or brand name to a wide range of people in the form of posters or bags and have them do the marketing for you. This will then help to boost the awareness of your brand with the more people that come to shop here, and it’s a great opportunity to solidify and strengthen your brand’s new look.

With all this in mind, if you believe your business could be due a new rebrand, then New Year is the perfect time to get it done. You can then start your business year off with a bang! Where will you begin your rebrand journey in 2019?