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June 2, 2014

The Packaging Products That Help Beat The Scottish Carrier Bag Tax


If you run a shop or store in Scotland, the Scottish parliament has just backed a change to the law that will see your customers paying an extra 5p for every new plastic carrier bag they take home.

Coming into force this October, supporters of the 5p charge outnumbered its opponents by 100 votes to 12 as the government heard that more needed to be done to fight a growing litter problem across Scotland.

And while the majority of funds raised by the tax will be given to good causes, some shoppers have already begun to express their disapproval at having to pay for something that was previously free. However, with a little bit of creative thinking, you can help your customers escape that 5p charge with paper or fabric bags instead – and here are the top three products that you could replace your plastic bags with:

  1. Luxury laminated paper bags – our laminated paper bags are the height of luxury packaging. You’ve probably already seen them in upmarket fashion boutiques, high class retail stores, and prestigious exhibitions and conferences – where they were probably filled with giveaways, product samples and other printed literature. And because we can print anything from a simple logo through to full colour photographic images onto the bags themselves, they can help your company, brand or product make a statement as well as saving your customers 5p.


  1. Twisted handle paper bagsour twisted handle bags are perfect for fashion shops, museums, gift shops, and even large department stores, and they’re a cost effective and high quality choice when it comes to making an impact. Comfortable to hold, environmentally friendly, and easy to print on, beating the 5p bag tax is only the beginning of the benefits they can offer.



  1. Printed cotton bagsour printed cotton bags are stylish, reusable and ethically manufactured. Reusable hundreds of times over with multiple uses, they can increase brand exposure enormously, and because they’re made of 100% natural cotton they’re a fully legal option when it comes to beating the 50 carrier bag tax – in Scotland and anywhere else it in the world.


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