how reinventing your brand could boost your business printed bags
June 2, 2014

How reinventing your brand could boost your business


It’s no secret that building a brand that’s innovative, fresh and relevant is key to your business’s success. But how can you sustain that ethos over a long period of time? By the power of reinvention.

The importance of updating your brand as well as establishing it is undoubtable to ensure you are still delivering what your customer wants. Times change, and so do businesses, so keeping your customer engaged by giving them something new to be excited about is vital for your company’s growth.

If you’ve noticed a drop or plateau in sales, profits or customer interaction with your business, then something needs to change to get the ball rolling again, and reinventing your brand could be the key to moving you forward. It may not be easy, but the potential benefits could be well worth the effort.

Start by really examining your brand, how people perceive you and whether that correlates with your goals. Seek out feedback from past, present and potential customers; rebranding is all about finding new ways to target your audience, so defining what they want and need is the first step. Do they find your website difficult to navigate? Perhaps updating to a responsive one (as we did recently) would encourage them to make a purchase or enquiry. Is your logo outdated or old-fashioned? Perhaps a refreshing new redesign could make customers see your business in a new light.

Once you’ve given your brand a makeover, don’t hesitate to shout about it. Launching a new advertising or marketing campaign, using social media for example, is a great way to promote your new look and message and raise awareness through expanding your audience.

Allowing the public to see your new branding is important too; producing updated merchandise such as printed carrier bags could have a huge impact in subconsciously increasing your brand’s exposure. We provide the highest quality of carrier bags printed with your own bespoke design as a simple but effective platform for advertising your reinvention.

It may seem like a daunting move, but reinventing your brand could put a new lease of life back into your business.

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