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June 2, 2014

Why printed bags could boost your offline marketing strategy


Most marketers will tell you that offline activity is just as important and powerful as online activity when it comes to any marketing strategy. But it’s really worth knowing that by adding printed bags to your arsenal, you can boost the performance and results of your offline campaigns more than you might think.

Here’s how:

Printed bags are easy to create

Not everyone knows the ins and outs of online SEO strategies, but virtually anyone can produce offline marketing material like a printed bag. In fact, with services like ours that come with a fixed range of options, it’s never been easier to specify and order things like printed bags and other packaging, and if you do need advice or guidance on anything from what to print on your bags to what colour your handles should be, we can provide it. All you really need is a basic idea of what you need – and what the finished product should look like.

Printed bags are great for grabbing customers’ attention

The best offline marketing materials are designed to catch customers’ eyes and really grab their attention, whether that’s by using colours or advertising slogans or creative designs. Carrier bags take that one step further because they offer brilliant opportunities for getting creative. Materials, colours, sizes, shapes, textures, handle types and finally printing options can all be combined to create the kind of bag that customers will love to carry your products home in – and potential customers will love to see out on the high street.

Printed bags are marketing materials with real ‘feeling’

One of the great things about offline marketing materials is that customers and potential customers alike can actually reach out and touch them. Giving customers something they can hold in their hands can be much more powerful than something they see on screen – at least when it comes to communicating a sales or marketing message. Again, with printed bags, the range of options available for creating a tactile product are almost endless. From luxury laminated paper to eco-friendly materials like cotton and jute, and with a choice of colours, handle types and printing options, you can create something that’s much more ‘touchy-feely’ than a printed leaflet or business card, not to mention more practical.

And finally, there’s one more bonus feature of printed bags that makes them even more powerful than other offline printed materials – and that’s the fact that they can be used again and again and again. Now that’s what we call a boost to your offline marketing activity.

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