paper branded bags
July 28, 2017

Why paper is a great material choice for your branded bags


When you’re looking at options for branded bags to use in your deli, retail store, or for promotional events, bags made from paper is the ideal solution. They are suitable for so many businesses and because our paper bags are made from biodegradable materials they help the environment too.

Here are 5 reasons why paper is a great material choice for your branded bags:-




Printed paper bags are suitable for so many different brands and businesses.

For the food sectors like sandwich shops, takeaways or delis, strong hygienic sandwich bags printed with your message and branding are ideal. Or, for larger orders, paper flat handled takeaway bags are great value for money.

For fashion stores, department stores, gift shops, museums, promotional events and more, twisted handle paper bags are a popular choice. Big retail brands like Primark use these environmentally friendly bags. Practical, strong and reusable, they come in a variety of sizes and a choice of full colour or spot colour printing; all factors that give you choices when it comes to your branding and your message.

For the upmarket retail sector, high-end fashion boutiques, cosmetics, perfumes and jewellery, laminated paper bags speak of sophistication and opulence. Customers love them – who doesn’t feel special walking down the high street carrying a beautifully branded bag from your favourite store? Laminated paper bags are elegant packaging that reinforces the quality products they contain.




Enhance your brand with our printed paper bags, customising the bag to suit your needs and the image you want to present to your target market. With the option of 100% ink coverage on our Kraft paper bags you can have anything from a logo to a full photographic print.

Sandwich bags come in a range of sizes and can be printed full colour or spot colour. So whatever your business, from sandwich bar, bakery, takeaway or deli, there is a customisable style to suit you. While the flat handled paper bag is associated with takeaways this is a versatile bag in a number of sizes that can suit any business out there. It’s your opportunity to give your customer something special, whilst promoting your business with an attractive design that enhances your branding.




Laminated paper bags, a best seller for The Printed Bag Shop, are the ultimate luxury in a printed paper bag. Work with our design team to match the style and design of your luxury bag exactly to your upmarket products. With handle options like rope and ribbon, gloss or matt lamination finish, spot UV or foil embossing, this is customised luxury at its best.

If you’re in high-end retail like perfumes and cosmetics, or designer fashion, luxurious laminated paper branded bags reflect the opulence of the products they carry. Choosing from a range of laminated paper bags for a prestigious conference or exhibition will send out a confident message that your business is a strong contender in the sector you are in.


Customer Experience


Paper is a great material choice for your branded bags if you want to enhance your customer’s experience, and handing over someone’s purchase to them in a beautiful bespoke bag is a great way to make them feel good. The customer enjoys making the purchase and is reminded of your brand and the excellent customer service they received when they unpack their purchase. Added to this they are reminded again of your brand when they re-use your bag or see another shopper carrying it down the high street. A much better experience than a plain paper bag would give, don’t you agree?




Branding on one of The Printed Bag Shop’s paper bag collection makes sound financial sense. You can have luxury with small minimum order quantities on our laminated paper bags, one of the reasons why they are a top seller. Flat handled paper bags are a popular choice too – perfect for so many business types and incredibly good value! Another financial reason why paper is a great material choice for your branded bags is that they don’t incur the 5p government levy!

If you’re ready to start the buying cycle for branded bags for your business we hope we’ve shown you the benefits of choosing paper. For help with your design, choice of bag type and too simply get the ball rolling why not get in touch today?