printed laminated bags
February 8, 2018

Why Do Printed Laminated Bags Cost So Much?


Would you love to have laminated bags to hand over to your customers, but don’t get why they can cost so much more than other paper carrier bags?

We are often asked ‘Why do laminated bags cost so much?’.

The simple answer is – the laminated bags that we offer at The Printed Bag Shop are made from scratch. Whilst this does mean they cost more than other style of bag, it also means they are completely customisable to your business. Just like you pay more for a hand-made product like clothing or jewellery, you will pay more for a laminated bag that is manufactured to specific sizes and designs.

Laminated bags speak of quality and luxury, words that you want to be associated with your business. To help you see why this comes at a bigger expense, we’ve put together 10 reasons why laminated bags cost so much. This will hopefully help you see the value in printed laminated bags, and (hopefully!) whether they’re the perfect choice for your brand.


10 reasons why laminated bags cost so much:


High Quality Material

While regular paper carrier bags are made from 80 or 100gsm kraft paper, our laminated bags are made from 200-250gsm C1S Bristol Artboard. This means the artboard is given a smooth coating during the manufacturing process. The coating acts as a barrier to help keep the ink on the surface rather than seep through, which keeps your images sharper – an important factor for detailed images and full colour, photographic print.


Material Thickness

We choose to use nice thick 200gm or 250gm C1S Bristol Artboard because it makes our laminated bags nice and strong, stronger than many of our competitors who may use thinner artboard. Having a strong bag like this makes it suitable for heavier items – but perhaps more importantly it becomes useful to the consumer who may use it multiple times for many purposes, getting your branding in places you wouldn’t imagine. It also gives an upmarket, more expensive feel to your bags, which becomes a reflection of your brand.


Printing Options

The paper used for our laminated bags opens up a good choice of printing options for you, helping you to achieve a truly unique carrier bag for your brand. Choose spot colours for a minimalist look of a crisp logo design on a white background. Four colour process printing allows you to print the whole bag with an eye-catching colourful design. You can even print on the inside of your laminated bags! There are also other special finishes like Spot UV and Hot Foil Blocking, both of which will give your laminated bag an exceptional luxury feel too. The printing options with laminated bags are just about limitless – if you have the budget to spend, we can create almost any kind of custom bag you’re looking for.


Handle Options

It’s because our laminated bags are hand-finished that we can offer such a selection of handle options. Choose from cotton rope, PP rope, punched handles, ribbon handles, ribbon slot or a ribbon slot with ribbon tie. Such choice means your laminated bag can be finished to suit your business, offering you the ultimate in a unique luxury bag to promotion your brand.


Custom Sizes 

Being fully customisable, you have pretty much a free reign when it comes to the size you need for your laminated bags. Our popular sizes range from A5, (ideal for beauty products and jewellery stores) though to A4, A3 and A2 (which is a good size for luxury brand fashion, or home furnishings for example). Not forgetting bottle bags (116 x 116 x 380mm), which are really popular for events and corporate gifts as well as wine merchants and other retail outlets.


Folded By Hand

Now, you can see why our laminated bags cost so much when we tell you that they are all folded by hand, rather than a machine. We choose to have our bags manufactured this way because it means we can produce more bespoke options for you, and the quality of the bags is higher overall.


Lamination Process

At The Printed Bag Shop we print your bag first and then laminate it to give a high gloss or luxury matt finish. This is an important step in ensuring the quality of your print, and is neglected with some of the cheaper paper bag options available on the market. Our prices may appear higher than our competitors, but this is often because they are quoting you for ‘overprinted’ bags – this means that the artwork has been printed on top of the laminate, rather than printing onto the artboard and then laminating afterwards. Printing on top of the laminate offers no protection to the graphics and can result in peeling and scratching – not the look you want for your luxury packaging! We can offer overprinted bags if you’re looking for this style of bags for a smaller cost, but it’s important to know the difference when receiving quotes and placing your order.


Embossing & Debossing

Because our laminated bags are fully customisable, we can use techniques like embossing and debossing to give your branded bags a unique edge. Embossing in the printing industry refers to the technique of pressing an image into the artboard to create a 3D design. While embossing gives a raised impression in the design, debossing creating indentations in the artboard giving a depressed design. These techniques not only make your bag look great, but feel great too.


7-10 Day Turnaround

Our printed laminated bags, depending on the print spec you require, can be delivered in as little time as 7-10 working days – despite being folded by hand! Laminated bags are one of our bestselling products, which is why we are constantly working to get them to you as soon as possible.


International Shipping

If you’re not in the UK – don’t worry! You can still purchase fully customised laminated bags from us. We use some of the best delivery companies in the world to offer a worldwide delivery service that will get your laminated bags to you safely, wherever your business is located.


Something To Remember…

When we talk about printed laminated bags being expensive, remember that this is in comparison to OTHER plastic or paper bag products.

With regards to the laminated bags we supply, we are continually working to ensure that the price compared to other suppliers on the market is as competitive as possible, as well as retaining quality.

This may be a more expensive style of bag, but we work hard each day to ensure we’re giving you them for the best price we can – which is often lower than our competitors too.

We stand by this so much that we will beat any like for like quote on our printed laminated bags!


Give your products the luxury packaging they deserve, and give your customers a branded laminated bag that will make them feel special when you hand over their purchase. With a distinctive eye-catching design and customised optional finishes like handles, eyelets and embossing, customers will love your laminated bags and use them time and again, spreading your branding message far and wide.

If you want to talk to the sales team about custom laminated bags for your business get in touch today!