budget printed bags
July 18, 2016

The best ways to buy budget printed bags from TPBS

Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we value delivering what our clients need higher than anything else. We are on a mission to provide the very best customer service in our industry, and that means giving customers the highest quality of printed products to suit their brand and their budget.

We like to think there’s something for everyone at The Printed Bag Shop, even if you’re just starting out or don’t have a lot of flexibility in what you can spend.

To help with this, here’s some of our top recommended products, as well as some money saving tips, for buying budget printed bags:

Look for low quantities of laminated paper bags

Although laminated bags are perhaps our most stylish and sophisticated looking bags, making them feel more luxury, what’s great about them for those with a small budget is that they are available in a really small minimum order quantity of just 100 bags – the lowest out of all of our printed bags. This means that if you do only need a small amount of bags, or some special ones for an event or launch, you can order beautiful bags without forking out for loads that you don’t need.

Ordering a small quantity does of course meaning paying more per bag, but many of our customers love that they can order such smaller runs of bespoke printed bags to suit their needs.

Or, bulk buy to keep cost per bag down

On the other end of the spectrum, a good way to keep down your cost per individual bag is to order in as high a quantity as your budget does allow – this works really well if you know you’re going to need a lot of bags over a long period of time, for example if you’re using the bags every day in your store or cafe.

For some of our products, you get the best value for money by ordering in large quantities – these include twisted handle paper bags, flat handle paper bags, and printed paper sandwich bags, which have a whopping minimum order quantity of 10,000 units, but that brings the cost per bag down to just over 2 pence.

As mentioned, this is a great option for businesses that know they need an ongoing stream printed bags and want to make their money go further – sometimes it’s best to invest as much as you can, and then your stash of bags will last for much longer and you won’t need to buy them as often.

Go for a simpler specification

One easy way for any customer to reduce their spend, whatever product they’re looking at ordering, is by making the specification of the bags as simple as possible. That could mean using less colours in your design, choosing a smaller size, and keeping the fancy extras like hot foil blocking, embossing or special handles to a minimum.

We work with clients to produce the very best bags we can with their budget, so even if you need to keep things simple, your budget printed bags will still look fantastic and be a great way to promote your brand.

Take advantage of our services

We have a wide range of additional services for our printed bag customers that you might not be aware of, but can save you money.

One is our printing block service, which means that if you know you’re going to be ordering again from us in the future and using the same design on your bags, we can keep and reuse the printing blocks needed to make the bags, costing you less in the long run.

We also offer free samples of bags to all our customers – this lets you see a range of bags up close, and make a more informed decision about the kind of bag you’d like, making more sure that you’re happy with the bags you’re investing in.

There’s also the option of our storage service, which, if you’re taking our previous advice and ordering in larger quantities but have nowhere to keep your bags, means we can store them safely and deliver them to you much quicker than if you placed separate orders to stay within the limit of what you’re able to store.

Cotton over canvas

A rather specific tip, but if you’re in the market for printed fabric bags and have your eye on canvas, but really need to cut down your spending, why not take a look at our printed cotton bags instead? They’re extremely similar in style and quality but cost less in comparison!

Don’t wait until the last minute

It happens all the time – customers come to us needing printed products for a certain date or event, but despite our super quick turnaround, they’ve left it just too late to guarantee delivery in time. That means we can still help them, but often have to charge for our fast track delivery service. This isn’t a big cost in comparison to your order, but setting aside plenty of time for your printed bags to arrive if you need them for a certain deadline is another way of making sure you keep your spending as low as possible.

Talk to us!

Still need advice? Get in touch! We work on a one to one basis with all our customers to help find the best printed bags for their needs, that fit to their budget. Call us on 0191 268 7555, or email sales@theprintedbagshop.co.uk today to speak to our team of printed bag experts.