October 21, 2019


Several years’ worth of unboxing content is uploaded to You Tube every single year. These videos simply show people unboxing and unwrapping new purchases and detailing the process to their audience. There is an unwrapping video of a product in absolutely every area of retail – from unboxing voucher cards and experiences to clothes and technology.

One of the reason’s consumers are so entranced by this content is because there is a lot of psychology that goes on when we unwrap a new product or purchase, and this content allows us to enjoy those feelings without committing to the expenditure ourselves. Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we’re looking at the psychology of unwrapping a little bit closer and perhaps helping you understand what your customer is looking for from your business’ printed packaging and materials.


A study published in 1992 indicates that a gift-wrapped or well packaged item will affect how the recipient or consumer feels about the product. The study shows that the quality of packaging and decoration actually helps a consumer evaluate the worth and the quality of the product itself.

The study involved a focus group all unwrapping a sheepskin bicycle seat and then completing a poll to indicate how they felt about the gift. All subjects who received the product wrapped in multiple layers and even with extras like coloured and printed packaging tape, rated the seat cover better than those who did not have any packaging. This highlights how important unboxing and unwrapping is for a consumer. The quality of the packaging, such as printed paper bags or other materials, also affected the overall evaluation of the product.

Spending time to carefully unwrap or unbox a product that has been beautifully packaged will help extend the experience of getting something new.  The whole process builds anticipation and excitement and essentially affects the consumer’s overall attitude towards a gift or goods. For example, think about going to the supermarket and compare it with getting a new piece of jewellery or technology. The latter are typically multi-wrapped; put in a printed box, and then a more luxurious bag or even printed tote bag and perhaps tied with a ribbon or beautifying extras. In turn, our groceries are usually self-packed into a printed jute bag or simple carrier bag. Which one do you enjoy unwrapping most?

We associate simple, one-layer, standard packaging with utilitarian products, which is perfectly suitable for some brands, but if you are an SME looking to target up-market clientele or even just play on your boutique USP, you might want to rethink your packaging. Extending the unpacking experience also triggers happy memories of being given a gift, of Christmastime and other warming celebrations that make the recipient feel special. Unwrapping multiple layers also makes us feel like time and effort has been put into the product, affecting our attitude to the quality of the goods. Companies can take advantage of this and replicate the feeling by allowing their customers to have an unboxing experience that they associate with their brand!

Thinking about upgrading your printed packaging or wondering how to achieve a more luxurious effect that still suits your products? Get in touch with the team here at The Printed Bag Shop to discuss designs and ideas that will help you capture the hearts of your customers.