Printed Paper Bags for Halloween
October 28, 2019


Halloween is creeping up on us now. As the nights get darker and spookier, so many businesses take the opportunity of a celebration to draw in customers or boost their brand visibility, ahead of the busier shopping season that includes Black Friday, Cyber Week and the run up to Christmas. In fact, the holidays we enjoy in the latter half of the year are becoming very commercial.

Seasonal events and activities present an opportunity to businesses, small and large, that are worth capitalising on. Halloween promotions are not limited to brick and mortar businesses; in fact, e-commerce sales are up 16% year over year at this time in the year.

Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we’re looking at how to get your Halloween promotion noticed and why they’re an effective marketing tool, as well as a couple of ideas for your own seasonal promotion. These top tips can be adapted for any seasonal promotion to ensure your SME capitalises on everything it’s got to work with!


Seasonal promotions are as common as a winter cold and consumers almost become indifferent to them. A business’ challenge is to make their customers care and give them an incentive to buy or visit your business – that’s where the real profits lie. Targeting customers you know are already aware of your brand or business with email marketing could achieve a higher rate of conversions and completion, as customers are already further along in the sales funnel – they know who you are and they like what you’re about enough to have signed up with you.

Email marketing and social campaigns are effective but remember not to make them unbearably sales-y or overwhelming. Consider a daily countdown to the launch of your limited-edition Halloween promotion on social channels or a weekly reminder email for the build up to black Friday. Overtly promotional content could deter customers as they become overwhelmed with marketing campaigns and the encouragement to spend at this time of year – always say something interesting with your content or consider running a giveaway.

Giveaways and events might seem counterproductive as they do incur an upfront cost – but consider a themed trick or treat bag that keeps costs down for a cheap twist on your Halloween promotion. Customers are given a taste of your business’ products that could keep them coming back. This is also an opportunity to hand out products in limited edition, printed paper bags or custom Halloween promotion bags are also super cheap to order and act as a promotional tool that promotes your brand as well as the season you’re celebrating! Remember, unique designs can help boost ROI as they are re-used, and brand visibility enjoys an extra boost! Remember, if you need help with a seasonal design for cotton bags, or any other style, get in touch with our team of designers to discuss your ideas.


Got a great Halloween promotion in mind and just looking to show it off more? Check out some research on local social media influencers. If you are able to connect and partner with them, an influencer strategy could allow you to target like-minded customers in your area.

Influencer strategies do vary depending on the market, but there is always an opportunity to be had, particularly for winter and autumn promotions. This table shows research from Sprout Social, highlighting the influencer’s engagement rise as we head into the colder months.


Influencers help with multi-platform content creation and promotion, but because promotions and ads won’t be on branded channels it won’t come across as spammy or overwhelming to existing customers but does have lots of potential to expand into new demographics. Instagrammers and influencers often have full license to create their own content. These reviews and write ups can help customers convert towards your products or even check out your Halloween promotion, as they have read ‘authentic’ reviews and feel like they know the products already.

For more information about building a seasonal of Halloween promotion featuring printed paper bags or materials, get in touch, today!