Subscription Boxes Printed Packaging
November 12, 2019

The Business Of Subscription Boxes

We all knew that the advent of online retailing and e-commerce was going to change the way we shop but it’s also shaping new business models and the pockets of the online retail market that are worth moving into. Studies show that the subscription box business model has taken off over the last couple of years. In the US, the market has increased over 100% in the last 5 years.

The boost for the boxes business could be because of a change in consumers’ lives. We are now busier than ever before, and the internet has given us a little taste of how convenient it can be to shop online and subscription boxes make it even easier to top up on products we buy regularly or things we are interested in. For example, some of the most popular subscription boxes operate in the beauty and toiletries market or re-occurring deliveries from artisan food companies, which are industries we buy from regularly and use a lot of. This makes them valuable to the customer (and convenient) and are a fun way to feel like you treat yourself every month.

One of the other great things about subscription boxes? They make fantastic gifts! Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we’re looking at some of the coolest designs for subscription boxes to hopefully inspire you to start your venture or perhaps start featuring these new products into your range.


Dollar Shave Club Subscription Box

Taking a stand about the cost of razors and grooming, as well as their impact on the environment, the Dollar Shave Club is one of the most well-known subscription boxes and one of the most loved. This is partially because of the convenience and value it brings to all customers, but we think it’s also because of the box it comes in.

The printed mailer box is classic and simplistic upon first look. The brand stuck with the traditional brown card paper, which is the perfect option for an eco-conscious brand. The lettering is also bold, simple and masculine, with no frills necessary. The interior is a dark colour, which also looks timeless and manly, contrasting with the products that sit inside. When you open the box, all the products are set out neatly in their placeholders, cut into a cardboard box at the bottom. This makes it look and feel like a luxury gift, which in turn, makes it feel like even better value for money for the customers.


Birch Box Subscription Boxes

One of the most creative and fun subscription box designs, BirchBox shake up their ideas every month so that no two boxes are the same. They take advantage of the season, celebrations or just come up with a creative and aesthetic print for your next treat box. One of the coolest things about BirchBox is that they come as a two piece box, designed like a pull out draw. This means that customers can keep the cool designs and stack them on their desk or use them to organise make up and cosmetics.

The ever-changing design is always bright, bold and eye catching and the surprise of the design adds to the whole experience – how clever!


Women Supporting Women Subscription Box

Reading in your spare time can become a forgotten pastime when life gets hectic and it can feel like a mammoth effort to carve out time to go to the bookshop to find that special story that is going to make you fall back in love with reading again. Books That Matter takes all the inconvenience away and is a helpful little reminder to pick your books back up every month.

The company is a super cool, indie box that sends empowering books to your door, but they also encourage a community for customers to join and enjoy, ultimately propelling the brand visibility and name. The branding itself is super modern, feature black and white sketch drawings of two girls reading. The image is spot-on for their target demographic and the monochrome design is dramatic and attractive. We love that they come with these awesome printed canvas bags, too.

Do you have a favourite subscription box? Let us know what you think or get in touch to start venturing into this exciting market – whatever your products!