Hot Foil Printing for Printed Bags
November 21, 2019


Hot foil printing is a traditional printing method, used to enhance designs with a raised, embossed look. This achieves a uniquely elegant and eye-catching design, which can be used to raise the

profile of so many promotional materials, from business cards, wedding invitations, notebook covers and printed paper bags or printed packaging. Hot foil printing is suitable for more than just one surface or platform – you can use it to add a little luxury look to your products, too.

Like it says on the tin, hot foil printing creates a shiny metallic effect on the chosen part of the design, which feels like foil or sleek texture. This is a subtle but effective method of printing for advertising or promotional design because it makes a piece stand out but without busy or hectic artwork.

Hot foil printing is still quite a simple method for embellishing your artwork or designs, even though it has been modernised over the years, which means it’s rarely done manually anymore. The printing process is very simple and just uses a machine to bond the target material with heat and pressure. The process works like a stamp and forms a permanent bond to the paper or other printed materials. The type of foil used will depend on the target material, as some types will not forge with their target materials.

Prior to hot foil printing, all designs and artwork should be converted into a vector image, rather than a raster. We explained the difference between the two in a recent post, but this is the preferred format as it allows the printer to identify the specific areas that require the foil printing, as all outlines will have been defined. If you are looking to upgrade your printed materials or packaging, you might consult a professional graphic designer during the initial stages, as certain artworks turn out better than others, for example, those that have a lot of shading. Hot foil cannot be printed in gradients; certain designs may be able to achieve a fade effect, but the foil is very bold and is best used to create a strong contrast to the colour behind it. Hot Foil 2



The best thing about hot foil printing is definitely the luxury aesthetic it adds to any material. Designs that incorporate this printing technique benefit from a low-cost way to appeal to sophisticated and luxury markets; whether an e-commerce brand or a law firm, hot foil printing ensures SMEs can appear to compete amongst the big hitters – it’s all about appearances!

Hot foil printing is also efficient, and an order can be fulfilled quickly. Combined with the luxe aesthetic, this method of printing is extremely popular for limited edition or seasonal branding, adding a little glitz or glam to your standard branding, emphasising your temporary campaigns – it’s metallic look would make it especially great for the festive season!

For more information about the hot foil printing process, and what it can achieve for your business, get in touch with our team, here at the Printed Bag Shop.