November 21, 2019

Unique Packaging Designs You Need To Know About

A few years ago, we wrote about some of the most innovative and creative printed bag ideas out there. The power of fresh ideas is what could make you thrive in business and your printed bags and the packaging you use is just one way you can show off your creativity and original business ideas, away from your owned physical – or digital – channels.

We focused purely on printed bags in that post, but today we are looking at a greater range of products, hoping to inspire your thinking when it comes to packaging!




Glossier is just one of the companies currently shaking up the cosmetic and beauty industry, and one of the coolest things about them (and certainly the most talked about in recent months) is their printed packaging. The American cosmetic company use bubble-wrap style zip lock bags to seal their products and send to customers. These are all tinted in the company’s signature pink hue, but don’t bear any other branding.

These are a premium way to package, but Glossier has also turned them into an effective PR campaign.  The creative (and practically unheard of) type of packaging caused quite a stir on social media.

As the bags are also durable, water proof and a unique shape and size to reuse, Glossier were able to re-tweet and repost examples of how they could be reused by their customers, boosting their visibility and taking advantage of user-generated content (which sometimes appears more authentic).

Just some of the examples for extending the lifetime of these bags include, handbag organisers, jewellery organisers, freezer pouches, a way to carry around your tech and chargers to ensure they don’t get wet. These ideas make the cost of the products just that little bit more justifiable.




There is something retro about wrapping a fresh bunch of flowers in brown paper, and your arrangement can look lovely in branded printed tissue paper, especially when you are giving them as a gift, because they don’t require any extra packaging. However, there is a slight practicality issue here.

Dutch flower company, 24 Flower, have come up with a solution! Their unique printed paper bags are designed in such a way to transport your flowers easily, without damage. The design is simplistic, and the hole in the tapered bottom prevents the bag from getting wet or damaged. The brand are also able to display pre-made bunches in their florists by putting them on hangers for all to see. For a country known for their innovation and a tulip fields, this is a great idea – it also saves time as customers can just grab their bunch and go, without the need for the flowers to be wrapped.




Gnome with Baguette as Hat

Triticum Bread Makers are premium bakers, that are putting a modern twist on traditional recipes – both with their business models and their tasty treats. One of the things Triticum has become recognised for is their awesome packaging, particularly their printed food bags.

Triticum worked with the designer Lo Siento to create cool and cute ideas, including their well-gnome bakery bag. As well as helping customers carry their baked goods, the design is whimsical and warming, exactly what customers are looking for from a bakery.

The printed paper bag plays on the shape of the bread to create the gnome’s hat. There was debate online about whether or not the little figure was indeed a gnome – or a printed Santa Clause!


We hope these fantastic ideas have inspired you to get creative – as you can see, you can think outside the box for whatever industry you operate in.

If you’ve got a fantastic idea that could represent your business on printed bags and boxes, get in touch! We’d love to discuss your ideas!