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May 17, 2017

Using Printed Tote Bags to Make a Statement

Who would have thought that the simple cotton tote bag would grow to be the powerful marketing tool it has become?

The rise in using the printed tote bag to make a statement has been a steady increase since the Sainsbury’s printed tote bag emblazoned with “I’m not a plastic bag”, designed by Anja Hindmarch, appeared back in 2007. The bag was part of a Sainsbury’s campaign to encourage using a bag more eco-friendly than the plastic carrier bag.

It’s easy to see why the printed tote bag is popular with people. It is so versatile, handling everything from shopping, to carrying your laptop, gym kit or school books. It is a one bag fits all! If your company has a cool logo, thought provoking message or eye catching image, the people out there who love their tote bags will use it again and again, taking your company branding far and wide every day.

Designing a printed tote bag that is bang on trend will be a huge hit with the end user. It will be seen as cool to wear, accessible to everyone from big screen celebs, snapped by glossy magazines, to teens out shopping or heading to school.

Think about it – how many people do you know who will buy something small in a top-notch designer store just so that they can be seen with that branded tote bag on their arm? Design a top-notch bag for your business and it could well become the next bag to be seen with.

It doesn’t have to be the simple cotton tote if you’re thinking of using the printed tote bag to make a statement. There’s a host of other options too.

  • The printed canvas bag is eco-friendly, durable and long lasting. Ideal for every brand, business and organisation events.
  • 100% natural, unbleached and undyed, the strong, printed jute bag is one of the most popular reusable bags in the business. Perfect for 100% natural businesses out there.
  • The printed non-woven bags are great for carrying files, documents or laptops. If you’re branding and message is aimed at the professional services market, this bag is the one for you.
  • For ultimate strength and durability it has to be the printed, laminated non woven bag. This long-lasting bag will promote your business no end.


It’s not just businesses who are using the printed tote bag to make a statement.

Raise awareness of your charity events. Printing a message people can relate to will encourage them to use the bag regularly, not only reminding them of your charity, but making others around them aware of your charity’s work too.

For those of you running a political campaign, giving away printed tote bags that display your message at a campaign event is an effective way of getting that message out onto the street.

Having a well designed printed tote bag as a freebie at your sports fundraiser, university open day, music festival or other events is bound to make a statement. Everyone loves a freebie. If it’s super cool and usable, they’ll love it even more!

Using a printed tote bag to make a statement will not only raise brand awareness, this great marketing tool will help spread the word about your social media campaigns, events, new product lines, worthy causes and so much more. In fact, any message you want to get out there – the printed tote bag will do the job.

Compared to other marketing tools like advertising banners on websites and social media, or printed advertising in newspapers and magazines, the printed tote bags are a pretty inexpensive way to get your message across.

If you want to get in on the action, using printed tote bags to make a statement for your business or organisation, you need a logo that’s easy to see from a distance and a design that is visually stunning for maximum attention.

Why not talk to the design team at The Printed Bag Shop? We have great ideas!