branded merchandise
May 10, 2017

How branded merchandise can improve your event

If you’ve been given the task of organising your company’s next event, or event planning is your business, you’ll know that there’s always a million things on the ‘to do’ list. Make sure that branded merchandise is high on that list.

Being aware of how branded merchandise and sponsorship packages can improve your event will not only add to the success of the event, but take your credibility as an event planner to the top of the scale!

Before we talk about branding, let’s cover the basics of planning an event; especially for those of you new to this and a tad nervous about the enormity of the task ahead.

  • Think about the look and feel you want to achieve. Is it a corporate presentation, a charity event, a celebration, or company open day? Whatever the event it should generate goodwill, enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Have a realistic budget showing all costs associated with the event. Include any revenue opportunities like ticket sales, donations or sponsorships. Keep the budgets updated so that you are always in control of your costs. Don’t forget to include branded merchandise in your budget… more about that later!
  • Make a checklist. This is by far the easiest way to ensure everything gets done on time; from booking the venue, arranging the catering, selecting the merchandise for your goody bags to getting your printed gift bags designed and printed.


Branded merchandise and sponsorship packages can improve your event hugely.

Whatever the theme of your event, giving visitors a gift pack when they attend not only shows your appreciation of their attendance, it’s sending a piece of your business out into their world. Don’t waste this opportunity by putting your give-aways into a plain run-of-the-mill plastic carrier bag – use a printed gift bag!

Companies are putting their branding on everything these days. It’s no longer pens and caps; now you will see branding on electronic gadgets, chocolates, hoodies, bags, vehicles, and everything in-between. They’re all great for getting your name out there.

As you know, here at The Printed Bag Shop we’re passionate about printed bags. Putting your gifts into a well designed, branded gift bag is the icing on the cake when it comes to branding for your event.

There is a style of bag to suit every event.

Use laminated paper bags for elegant luxurious packaging. Perfect if your event is promoting a corporate company, high-end hotels, luxury holidays, designer clothing or jewellery etc. Your logo or design in spot UV or luxury foil emboss will look the part on this quality paper bag. Top it off with ribbon or rope handles. Promoting these luxury goody bags as part of your event will raise interest and anticipation, which will perk up the acceptance rate and improve your event. Do you know the best thing about putting your gifts in a luxury branded gift bag? The bag is so good people will want to keep it!

Printed fabric bags are so versatile. Whether it is cotton, canvas or jute, there is a printed fabric bag that is ideal for every event. These re-usable bags are the peoples favourite. They’ll use them every day – they’re a shopping bag, a holiday bag, a school bag and more. This means your branding is out there day-after-day, week-after-week. Getting your branding and your message out there has never been easier. If your design is eye-catching with a personality your visitors will love it – plus it will get them talking about your business!

Printed plastic bags are by far the most popular bags seen at events. If your budget is tight, perhaps you’re organising a charity fundraiser, or it’s a new business venture, printed plastic bags are one of the cheapest options and much better than a plain, non-branded bag. Using a printed plastic bag will get your name out there, even if it is only for a short period of time. Spend money on the design for your printed plastic bag. It will look the part when promoting the event itself. Make it eye-catching, with a memorable message or tag line. Splash it about on social media, your website and emails etc. Promote your goody bag, not what’s inside; it will help create a buzz around your upcoming event.

People always love getting something for free. Promoting your gift bags when promoting your event will generate interest and increase acceptances. A good show of visitors will improve your event no end.

If you’re planning an event why not get in touch… We love to talk printed bags!