branded tote bags
May 2, 2017

The Various Printing Methods For Branded Tote Bags

I guess you all know the value of having printed tote bags with your branding and sales message. But do you ever wonder how your branded tote bags are made?

There are a couple of different processes for printing branded tote bags, often decided by the bespoke tote bag you choose. They can be cotton, canvas, jute or polypropylene. Since your printed tote bag will be representing your business it’s important to have a good, eye-catching design.  The design team at TPBS can help there, just give us a call.

Giving your customers a bag they will love means they will most likely use it every day, giving you a great opportunity to reach more people.

Let’s take a look at which method of printing to choose for your branded tote bag…

Transfer Printing

This works really well on a number of different printed tote bags. This method allows you to have virtually any image or design, no matter how intricate, with many colours, on bespoke tote bags for your business.

The design is printed onto a special heat transfer paper first. Next it is positioned on the tote bag, and then squashed against the fabric using a heat press. After a given time the press is lifted and the bag allowed to cool, resulting in super cool looking printed tote bags ready for you to get out there promoting your business.

Here at TPBS we have a great selection of fabric tote bags ideally suited to full transfer printing – including cotton tote bags, available as a standard shopper or gusseted shopper, long or short handle, in quality 5oz cotton. Canvas tote bags can be natural or dyed one of 6 colours before being transfer printed with your design.

Spot Colour Printing

Spot printing is the way to go if your company logo or design for your branded tote bag is a single colour. A spot colour is a colour created without screens and dots, like those in the Pantone Matching System. Spot colours are made up from a palette of 14 basic colours with each colour mixed according to its own unique formula developed by Pantone. As a kid you probably mixed blue and yellow paint to make green – creating a pantone spot colour is very similar, just more precise.

Solid spot colours will give a crisp, clean print on branded tote bags, whether you choose printed cotton bags or bespoke printed canvas bags. A spot colour printed on jute bags which are 100% natural, unbleached and undyed, or on a long-lasting laminated woven bag, will continue to get your branding out there day after day.

Screen Printing

This is a technique where mesh is used to transfer ink onto the tote bag. To prevent ink going where it is not required, impermeable block stencils are used. This is what creates your image.

Here’s an easy guide to the printing methods used on our branded tote bags:

Printed Cotton BagsSpot colours, or transfer print for a full colour image

Printed Canvas BagsSpot colours, or use transfer print for a full colour image

Printed Jute BagsThese bags are only available from us with spot colour printing


Ready to choose printed tote bags for your next big sales promotion? Talk to the team at TPBS, we love to talk bags!