July 5, 2019

We Want Smore! Food Brands Making Merchandise


Musicians and their branding agencies have known the value of merch for years, but it seems that the food and restaurant industries are just catching onto the hype. Sporting the merchandise of their favourite bands, restaurants or a recent event they’ve attended is a great way for customers to express personality, and hold on to great memories and a positive experience with your brand. Band merchandise has been a long-standing success because the experience of seeing a live band is not tangible – although it’s great in the moment, you can’t take it home with you. Buying a t-shirt or tote bag at the merch stand after a once-in-a-lifetime concert gives fans a souvenir that will last.

In this blog, The Printed Bag Shop are looking at which restaurants and food brands are embracing this excellent marketing technique too:

Jimmy’s Manchester

Shirt Sleeve Jimmy's Logo

Jimmy’s are an indie venue and bar in Manchester that play host to up-and-coming musicians and fantastic nights out. The bar’s popularity has seen them release branded merchandise, including, long sleeve t-shirts, bottle openers, lighters and other fashion accessories.

Founded by ex-musician George Craig (who used to front indie-rock band One Night Only), the merchandise and branded souvenirs truly represent the alt-rock brand image they have created for the venue. It also highlights that bars and restaurants are pinching the idea directly from musicians. The logos and designs are super simple, rocking Jimmy’s lightning bolt emblem or a Manchester bumblebee. As such a popular spot for a local night out in Manchester, you can spot people all around the city wearing Jimmy’s t-shirts. This shows that merchandise is a fantastic way to raise brand awareness and still turn a profit! And, it’s clearly working for Jimmy’s – they are set to open a brand new venue in Liverpool!




Image Credit: Jimmy’s Manchester



Wahaca Printed Bag

Wahaca is a chain of Mexican restaurants founded by UK Masterchef winner of 2005, Thomasina Miers. Impressing on the TV show, she went on to launch Wahaca in London and then as a mobile street kitchen, and the brand has continued to grow in popularity – there are now 27 Wahaca locations across the country.

Just a glimpse at any of Wahaca’s branding materials or social media feeds tell you that they’re in to bold, bright colours, funny quotes about their love of tacos and striking illustrations, and their range of tote bags were no different.

We love the bold and humourous designs for their printed cotton bags. They are perfectly on-brand, representing Wahaca’s sustainable ethos in a fun way! The best thing about printed bags like these is that they can make a profit. Our designers at The Printed Bags Shop can help you create eye catching bags that your customers will deem worth buying! Customers that truly love your business can support you by buying merchandise and wearing it, ultimately raising your brand profile!

VooDoo Doughnuts


VooDoo are a sensational grab-and-go doughnut stop in Portland, Oregon. They have a few USPs, but their incredible success is based on an alluring aesthetic and excellent marketing strategy, perfect for SMEs. VooDoo capitalise on their USPs of funky-designed doughnuts and use the image-based platform, Instagram, to promote brand awareness.

Ensuring you have a location pin on the app means that customers can tag your business in their photos. Like branded merchandise, this is perfect for increasing the visibility of your brand without trying – your customers will do it all for you!

VooDoo began to release hip and quirky merchandise that totally suits their brand image. These include t-shirts, bumper stickers and badges that can be pinned to printed canvas bags and favourite jackets. VooDoo’s secret to success has been their consideration of their location; Portland is known as the ‘Hipster Capital Of The World’, so they have created unique, funky designs that appeal to that market. They are a great example of how location-based branding is perfect for SME’s!

Ideas For Branded Merchandise


Consult professional designers before you place an order to ensure your merchandise truly represents your brand image. It’s imperative to accurately target your audience for customers and fans to re-wear and reuse your merchandise and get your brand name out there!

The Printed Bag Shop are professionals and we can help achieve the designs of your dreams for your printed bags and merchandise. Get in touch with a member of our team for a quote today!